TAROX AG Introduces Last Defense Line Storage Server with Unbreakable Data Protection


The Last Defense Line (LDL) Storage Server, presented by TAROX AG in May 2024, offers an innovative solution to address the rising concern of cyberattacks on German businesses. With an alarming 90% of companies falling victim to hackers, data breaches, or ransomware in 2022, the resulting financial damage exceeded 200 billion euros. To combat this growing threat, the Object-Lock technology implemented in the LDL Storage Server renders data immobile and unalterable, making it significantly more difficult for hackers to manipulate or steal sensitive information.

TAROX AG Introduces Last Defense Line Storage Server for Enhanced Data Security

The TAROX AG is set to release its Last Defense Line (LDL) Storage Server in May 2024, offering an intelligent security solution to combat the rising threat of data breaches. Leveraging Object-Lock technology, similar to a car immobilizer, this innovative system renders data immovable and unalterable for a specific period. With the Object Lock control managed through the robust Cloudian(R) HyperStore(R) security software, hackers face significant challenges in their attempts to manipulate or steal data.

The Last Defense Line storage servers not only ensure data immutability but also offer a range of additional security features that set new standards in data security. One such feature is the geographical redundancy, where data is replicated across storage servers in multiple locations. This provides an enhanced level of protection against location-specific failures. With S3 and Object-Storage capabilities, these data storages also meet heightened security requirements. Additionally, they incorporate well-thought-out backup and recovery solutions to significantly minimize the risk of data loss.

The Last Defense Line Storage Servers offer seamless integration into existing IT infrastructures, thanks to their advanced technology. They can be easily managed through a centralized storage management system. With Cloudian(R) HyperStore(R), data management is possible in both local settings and hybrid/multi-cloud environments. This enables the Storage Servers to integrate with popular public clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

The Last Defense Line Storage Server provides a comprehensive security solution for sensitive data. By utilizing the Object-Lock technology, it significantly hinders data manipulation and theft. These storage servers also set new standards in data security with features such as geographical redundancy, enhanced security requirements, and reliable backup and recovery solutions. With their high compatibility, they can seamlessly integrate into existing IT infrastructures and offer the flexibility of connecting with public clouds. The Last Defense Line Storage Server ensures comprehensive protection for sensitive data and is a recommended investment for companies aiming to enhance their IT security.

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