Tata Communications: “MOVE” and “IZO SDWAN” for “digital-first” and “cloud-first” solutions


The digital economy is growing and the expansion of communications networks has become an integral part of everyday life. Tata Communications is also involved in 5G and V2X communications.

Global player Tata Communications: Europe as a key market

Digitization is always at the forefront for Tata Communications, and the company now has a solid customer base in almost every country in the world. It is particularly present in Europe and has gained a major presence in the engineering, healthcare, manufacturing and chemical sectors. Together with the German companies, one works on strategic growth, which is only made possible by digital transformation.

People are developing the digital ecosystem in the company, improving processes and offering customers new solutions with “digital first” and “cloud first”. Software-Defined-WAN (“IZO SDWAN”) makes migrating data to the company’s cloud a breeze. Data security is ensured at all times.

Industry 4.0 from the enterprise perspective

Industry 4.0 was once about building smart factories, driving automation and optimizing supply chains. But Tata Communications is now taking it a few steps further and sees fully connected factories in the near future. People interacting with machines and materials, a diverse ecosystem will emerge. The technical possibilities that the company can avail itself of today are almost limitless.

One example of this is the further development of vehicle technology with regard to autonomous driving. With SOTA/FOTA and V2X communications, driving will in no way be comparable to the driving we know today. 5G or private 5G networks will lay the foundation for further development. People will remain at the center of digital transformation, with machines providing the necessary operating resources. Downtime will be kept as low as possible. The material as a decisive factor for success will take center stage alongside people.

5G for all industries?

A private 5G network should bring security, be flexible at the same time and enable advantages for every industry. Multiple applications are supported simultaneously, and thanks to virtual reality, training, design and maintenance can be simplified and modernized. The companies that want to use a private 5G network will have to work with the solution provider and will soon get the reward for the work.

They will become more flexible, assets will get a longer lifecycle, service offerings can be more accurate and better tailored to the customer. At the same time, all operations can be handled at high speed. Whether it’s industrial, healthcare, government, automotive, 5G will revolutionize all industries and sectors and Tata Communications is an important part in that process.

About the company

Digital ecosystems are set to support industry and business around the world, thanks to Tata Communications. The company is working on digital transformation and enabling exactly that for currently around 300 companies of the Fortune 500, increasing productivity and efficiency, innovating products and minimizing economic risks. One relies on undersea fiber optics and its global network, wants to create connectivity to all countries in the world.

In India, the company is considered to be a part of the country’s rich heritage, making a vital contribution to the development of the same. The aim is to become an industry leader while enabling new, secure and digital experiences. For more information, please contact the Frankfurt office:

Tata Communications
Hamburger Allee 2 – 4
Suite 15 B
60486 Frankfurt/Main
Tel.: + 49 69 247572800

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