Techem to Provide Digital Metering Services for Deutsche Investment


Techem, a service provider for smart and sustainable buildings, has been chosen by Deutsche Investment to manage their digital metering operations. Over the course of this collaboration, Techem will install Smart Meters in 232 properties nationwide by mid-2024. This will provide the investment manager with a transparent overview of electricity and gas consumption, enabling them to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings. Additionally, the digital metering infrastructure will optimize processes and reduce costs in building management, while also providing crucial data for ESG reporting in compliance with legal requirements.

Deutsche Investment partners with Techem to enhance energy efficiency

The Deutsche Investment offers institutional investors a range of services related to real estate investments, including sustainable management and value-enhancing development of buildings. Techem, having previously taken over the submetering for several properties in Berlin, Leipzig, and Dresden, will now additionally equip these buildings with smart meters. This expansion to include intelligent measuring systems will enable the investment manager to conduct even more precise consumption analysis and ensure fair cost allocation.

The collaboration with Deutsche Investment allows us to implement effective measures for decarbonizing the building sector. A digital metering infrastructure is the key to this: Based on the recorded consumption data, informed decisions can be made to increase energy efficiency. This is an important foundation for reducing the CO2 footprint in the building stock, as stated by Gero Lücking, Head of Smart Metering at Techem.

The intelligent metering systems facilitate the visualization of the energy status of buildings in a web-based customer portal. This allows for easy comparisons and helps in identifying specific areas where energy savings can be achieved. Additionally, the automatic transmission of consumption data to energy providers and grid operators eliminates the need for manual readings, thus streamlining building management processes and making them more efficient.

Smart meters play a crucial role in managing and controlling the profitability of our properties while considering sustainability factors. They provide transparency on energy consumption and help us meet our reporting obligations. Sustainability and energy efficiency are highly valued by us, our investors, and tenants. That’s why Techem’s holistic approach aligns so well with our vision of a digital building operation.

Smart Meters: Essential for the Success of Renewable Energy Expansion

Expansion of solar and wind energy is crucial for the success of the energy transition. Smart meters, with their digital infrastructure, play a central role in connecting renewable energy generation to buildings. In specific cases, such as electric heat pumps and photovoltaic systems with a capacity of more than seven kilowatts, smart meters are legally required. This is especially important for tenant electricity projects that rely on accurate metering. The widespread use of smart meters is therefore key to digitizing the building stock and achieving the goals of the energy transition.

Partnership between Techem and Deutsche Investment enables more efficient and sustainable property management

Techem and Deutsche Investment’s collaboration facilitates a more efficient and sustainable management of properties through the installation of Smart Meters in 232 buildings. This empowers investment managers with a clear understanding of energy consumption, enabling them to implement measures to improve energy efficiency.

The implementation of a digital measurement infrastructure not only leads to process optimization and cost reduction in building management, but also provides a crucial foundation for ESG reporting in compliance with legal requirements. The smart metering systems facilitate comparisons, identify potential savings, and enable accurate billing, particularly in tenant electricity projects. Overall, smart meters contribute to the digitization of the building stock, thereby supporting the success of the energy transition.

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