Telefonica: Platform for smart real estate


Spanish company Telefonica, in collaboration with BIM6D, Bookker and Siemens, has unveiled a platform for smart real estate. It aims to raise the profile of the technology’s benefits in terms of safety, efficiency and sustainability.

Creating smart buildings

The core of the integrative platform is to transform premises into connected real estate. On the one hand, all areas of the buildings will be better recorded and managed through digitalization than before. On the other hand, the artificial intelligence implemented here can also use forecasts to identify new future applications, uses and business models. This also includes data-based statements about how the infrastructure and lifespan of the facilities are doing.

Economic benefits

Smart buildings offer their owners a variety of ways to save resources. Building management solutions (BMS), for example, can enable managers to manage their own energy consumption more efficiently. Among other things, it enables the analysis, monitoring and demand-based allocation of scarce goods such as electricity, water and gas.

But it can also be used to better record and optimize the duration of occupancy, frequency and type of use of rooms. This reduces expenses and, when adapted to customer needs, can also lead to additional revenue through more convenient services.

Environmental protection and autonomy

In addition to economic incentives, this improved cost structure also offers some environmental protection potential. Digital networked technology, according to Telefonica, is a proven way to protect the ecosystem from major damage by encouraging the development of sustainable business practices.

Therefore, the company has decided to invest in photovoltaic systems and integrate them into their model. Not only do they promise significant reductions in climate-damaging gases and contributions to an efficient circular economy. In addition, they also anticipate increased energy autonomy that could last a quarter century.

AR for space transformation

Bookka, one of the collaboration partners, offers customers of the platform through augmented reality (AR), the ability to design spaces according to their needs. Through an application, they can decide what they want to use the given structures for. Be it a conference room, a workstation or a dining room, any desired equipment can be provided.

Biometrics and AI for more security

Security-related areas of the properties are covered by the platform’s biometrics and AI solutions. Fire protection and entry controls can be served with this, as well as timely and automated assistance through video camera analytics, drones or human security personnel in case of incidents of any kind. Last but not least, this technology can also control lighting, temperature and air quality, which can significantly improve visitor health.

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