telent Presents Latest PMR Solutions and Innovations at PMRExpo 2023


telent, a well-established integrator of telecommunications and PMR technologies in the field of critical infrastructures, showcased current industry topics and innovative solutions at the PMRExpo from November 28th to 30th, 2023 in Cologne. The focus was on interoperable PMR solutions, campus networks, value-added applications for industry, transportation, and healthcare, as well as emergency communication with fallback technologies and managed security services. Visitors had the opportunity to learn about the monitoring and protection of mixed IT/OT infrastructures from cyber threats from the security specialists at telent’s booth in Hall 8.1.

PMR industry transitioning from narrowband to broadband systems

The PMR industry is undergoing a significant transformation, transitioning from narrowband to broadband systems. This shift is driven by the need for higher bandwidths to support modern applications and IoT devices, which require efficient data transmission as well as image and video communication. Additionally, the phasing out of analog frequencies by 2028 adds to the urgency of finding secure and highly available solutions to meet future demands. At the PMRExpo, telent showcased innovative technology combinations that aim to address these challenges, although a universal solution for diverse infrastructures and use cases is yet to be found.

telent collaborates closely with users to develop customized systems

telent collaborates closely with users to develop customized systems that aim to generate added value through efficient data communication and optimized processes. By integrating traditional PMR networks with available broadband technologies such as 5G or LTE through a gateway server, telent creates an interoperable communication platform. This allows businesses and organizations to optimize their processes at the application level, resulting in improved efficiency and enhanced communication capabilities.

Thorsten Altemöller, Director Sales PMR at telent, emphasizes the technical challenge of implementing broadband power into existing process environments. This task requires extensive experience in building and operating PMR networks and related technologies. Telent, as a long-standing system integrator and partner of leading manufacturers, is able to assess the advantages and disadvantages of these technologies and combine them to meet different needs. Throughout this process, ensuring cybersecurity is a top priority.

telent offers comprehensive cybersecurity services at PMRExpo 2023

Telent provides a comprehensive range of managed services to address various aspects of cybersecurity at the PMRExpo 2023. These services include firewall management, endpoint security, and patch management. In addition, telent introduces a new service in the form of a Security Operations Center (SOC) for both IT and OT. Equipped with specialized tools and processes, the SOC ensures real-time monitoring and response to security events.

Thorsten Altemöller explains that the protection of mixed IT/OT infrastructures is challenging, which is why there are few SOC for OT currently. It requires not only IT security knowledge but also a comprehensive understanding of OT structures, including automation, processes, and network control technology. telent’s SOC combines this interdisciplinary knowledge to integrate, monitor, and analyze the entire IT/OT infrastructure. Thorsten Altemöller, as a board member of the Professional Mobile Radio Association (PMeV), is actively engaged in cybersecurity at the association level.

At PMRExpo 2023, telent showcased their innovative solutions for PMR and critical infrastructures. By developing customized systems, telent enables efficient data communication and optimized processes. Their new Security Operations Center (SOC) provides comprehensive protection against cyber threats for mixed IT/OT infrastructures. Visitors to the telent booth at the expo can learn about the latest industry topics and consult with the SOC’s security specialists.

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