telent: DMR technology in the 5G campus network


Telent, supplier of Industrie 4.0 solutions and services, will present live at PMR-Expo how 5G and pLTE can be used in conjunction with a PMR system. At the trade fair for professional mobile radio, which will take place from 23. 11. to 25.11. 2021 in Cologne, the co-organizing company will show application examples of the solution for communication and localization in real estate.

DMR: versatile radio standard with low effort

Digital mobile communications or digital mobile radio offers a number of advantages that also make it interesting for commercial applications. In addition to higher data rates, a doubling of the number of usable channels, noise-free transmission and thus better communication than its predecessors, the radio network is particularly attractive due to its economic conditions.

Its simple structure requires far less investment and low maintenance, while at the same time offering a wide range of networking possibilities, in contrast to comparable services. DMR systems can be used by smaller companies as well as for large networks. Examples of applications can be found in public transportation, municipal utilities as well as energy providers and highway operators. Its attractiveness for industrial and private users is also due to its resilience in times of crisis (blackout) compared with the much more unstable public networks.

5G campus network: paving the way for the new industry

Interest in private 5G campus networks is growing worldwide. More and more companies are recognizing the advantages of geographically limited and user-optimized technology. The fifth generation of mobile communications enables the highest technical requirements to be met in terms of availability, reliability and latency of communications services. This makes them ideal solutions for the industrial needs of the future.

Intelligent factories (smart factories), for example, require highly flexible and reliable mobile communications services for the smooth running of their optimized productions. Large volumes of data have to be collected, processed and fed back in line with demand ever more quickly. This increasingly enables developers and producers to use resources more efficiently and thus create scope for innovation. 5G can provide these functions in real time.

DMR and 5G: Symbiosis of old and new

Telent has set itself the task of merging proven, traditional standards with new technical developments. In this context, 5G appears to the company to be the appropriate means of successfully ensuring the growing interconnection between low-energy networks and smart structures with its high transmission capacities and speeds. Its years of expertise in both professional mobile radio (PMR) and the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and private local area networks (pLTE) enable it to integrate them mutually. Telent offers users ready-to-use solutions for both segments based on leading 5G vendors such as Nokia.

Telent: user-optimized technology solutions

The German company telent GmbH develops technology solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers. It operates primarily in the digitalization, Industry 4.0. and critical infrastructure (CRITIS) markets. Its 360-degree expertise in cybersecurity, pLTE, 5G, IoT, PMR, operational networks, technology and infrastructure services, and electromobility enables it to automate and network digital processes for users. The producers from Backnang are using their industry experience to advance the digitization of Germany. They expect the accelerated further development of existing IT structures to lead to significant progress in the field of intelligent transportation and energy projects.

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