Thales Cinterion MV32 IoT modem card: ultra-high-speed 5G for IoT devices


Finally, the Thales Cinterion MV32 IoT modem card is coming to the market and it should satisfy manufacturers first and foremost. The modem card makes 5G devices more powerful and easier to maintain.

For more speed and security: the Thales Cinterion MV32 IoT modem card.

Flexible connectivity management, more security and speed, while maintaining a long service life: the Thales Cinterion MV32 IoT modem card is said to be able to do all that and much more. It is designed for 5G devices that will define businesses and people’s lives in the coming years.

The new modem card is designed to ensure that sophisticated functions can be performed in the IoT, that companies can connect securely, and that patients can even be cared for remotely, for example. The Thales Group, whose German representative is based in Ditzingen, is responsible for the innovation.

The improved speed, which is said to be possible thanks to the Thales Cinterion MV32 IoT modem card, will benefit not only businesses but also private individuals. They should be able to use broadband at maximum speed, which 5G will make possible in this form for the first time. Through Thales’ modem card, millions of machines are expected to be able to connect with each other, so that with the help of 5G, huge amounts of permanently connected devices from the IoT can be active.

The features of Thales’ “Cinterion MV32” IoT modem card

The new 5G devices will be compact and powerful, and at the same time they will require a modem card that takes up little space. This comes in the form of the Cinterion MV32 from Thales and represents an important foundation for the future of connectivity. So far, the card is emerging as exceptionally reliable, enabling the use of the seamless and location-agnostic 5G network.

Thales thus introduces a relevant building block for all future 5G solutions. The radio frequency design of Thales’ modem card has been optimized and is considered one of the most advanced in the industry. This in turn makes it possible to ensure the high speeds and low latency.

With its new modem card, Thales is once again proving to be an ideal partner for all companies that care about protecting themselves from the increasing threats posed by cyber attacks. Many 5G networks bring some vulnerabilities for exactly this, which is the case due to their distributed and software-based concept.

The Cinterion MV32 protects precisely in this area:

  • more security through the security-by-design philosophy
  • dynamic protection of the devices
  • regular remote updates
    constant penetration tests by neutral security experts

Thus, the modem card presents itself as ideal when it comes to security and reliability, with experts saying that the Cinterion MV32 actually excels in all areas.

About Thales

The high-tech company Thales is considered a global leader and employs more than 81,000 people in 68 countries. The company’s revenue in 2021 was 16.2 billion euros. Thales’ investments mainly revolve around Big Data, cybersecurity, connectivity and artificial intelligence, as it aims to create a secure future for businesses and home users.

In this way, Thales supports the development of society as a whole and aims to enable companies in the defense, transportation, aerospace and security sectors to perform critical tasks. Further information is available from the Ditzingen office:

Thales Management & Services Deutschland GmbH
Thales Square 1
71254 Ditzingen
Phone: +49 7156 353 0

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