Effective Protection Against Overtemperatures with Thermoflagger ICs


The Thermoflagger ICs of the TOSHIBA TCTH0 series, distributed by GLYN, provide a simple and reliable solution for detecting overtemperatures in electronic devices. By detecting abnormal temperature increases, the IC triggers a fault output signal, allowing for timely safety measures to be taken and preventing damage to the devices. With the compact SOT-553 ESV package, these ICs can be easily integrated into various applications, making them suitable for both small devices and complete industrial systems.

Effective Protection against Overtemperatures with TOSHIBA TCTH0-Series Thermoflagger ICs

The Thermoflagger ICs from the TOSHIBA TCTH0 series, distributed by GLYN, provide a straightforward and dependable solution for detecting over-temperatures in electronic devices. These ICs allow for the implementation of safety measures and counteractions when necessary, effectively preventing damage to the devices.

GLYN’s Evaluation Board Enables Quick Start for Thermoflagger Implementation

The GLYN evaluation board is specifically designed to simplify the setup process for the Thermoflagger IC, allowing hardware enthusiasts and developers to quickly get started with implementation. This board enables users to take advantage of the Thermoflagger IC’s benefits right away, without any delays or complications.

Effective protection against overheating using Thermoflagger ICs and PTC temperature sensors

The Thermoflagger IC, when used in conjunction with one or more PTC temperature limit sensors, allows for the creation of an effective protection circuit. By applying a constant current through its current source, the IC influences the resistance of the PTC. In the event of an abnormal temperature increase, the resistance of the PTC rises exponentially, causing the clamp voltage to exceed the comparator threshold. This triggers the fault output of the Thermoflagger IC, providing the signal through a push-pull or open-drain output.

Efficient multi-point temperature monitoring with Thermoflagger ICs

One of the key advantages of Thermoflagger ICs is their ability to monitor up to 10 PTCs simultaneously. This allows for temperature monitoring at various locations within a device or enclosure. Additionally, the PTCs can have different nominal temperatures, enabling the monitoring of multiple trigger temperatures within a single string.

Customizable Thermoflagger ICs with Various Options for Individual Needs

The TCTH0 series Thermoflagger ICs provide a wide range of derivative options to meet individual requirements. With various constant current strengths, output options (open-drain or push-pull), and functions like auto-retry or latch/RESET, these ICs can be customized to suit different applications.

Compact Thermoflagger ICs enable versatile integration in various applications

The Thermoflagger ICs with their compact SOT-553 ESV package measuring 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm are ideal for use in small devices as well as complete industrial systems. Their small size allows for easy integration into a wide range of applications, making them versatile and adaptable to various industry needs.

TOSHIBA TCTH0 Series Thermoflagger ICs: Effective Overtemperature Protection Solution

The Thermoflagger ICs from the TOSHIBA TCTH0 series provide a simple and reliable solution for detecting overheating in electronic devices. With their flexible application possibilities, versatile derivative options, and compact design, they are suitable for a wide range of applications. The GLYN evaluation board allows for a quick start-up, enabling hardware enthusiasts and developers to immediately benefit from the advantages of the Thermoflagger ICs. For further information and samples of the TCTH0 series, please contact TOSHIBA Distributor GLYN.

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