Thuringian Netkom invests 11 million euros in new fiber project


The Thüringer Netkom has initiated a new fiber optic project in the district of Gotha with a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony. The aim is to establish a fiber optic network in the municipality of Nesse-Apfelstädt, which will connect the districts of Apfelstädt, Gamstädt, Ingersleben, Kleinrettbach, Kornhochheim, and Neudietendorf. The Thüringer Netkom is investing approximately eleven million euros in this ambitious endeavor.

Thüringer Netkom invests in expanding fiber network in Nesse-Apfelstädt

The expansion of the fiber optic network is a significant milestone for the community of Nesse-Apfelstädt. With approximately 3,500 households set to be connected, the project will require the installation of approximately 70 kilometers of fiber optic cables. The Thüringer Netkom is financing the project entirely on its own, without any external funding. This self-financed investment highlights the company’s commitment to infrastructure development in the region.

Thüringer Netkom invests 50 million euros in fiber optic infrastructure

The Thüringer Netkom is actively expanding the fiber optic infrastructure in various areas of the Gotha district, with investments totaling almost 50 million euros. In addition to the ongoing project in Nesse-Apfelstädt, the company is also implementing initiatives in Nessetal and Nesseaue, with a combined investment volume of 21 million euros. Furthermore, the Thüringer Netkom is providing access to fiber optic direct connections for over 24,000 households in the Drei Gleichen community, further enhancing the connectivity options in the region.

Thüringer Netkom: Leading Telecommunications Provider with State-of-the-Art Fiber Network

The Thüringer Netkom, as the telecommunications service provider of TEAG Thüringer Energie AG, operates a state-of-the-art fiber optic network spanning over 6,600 kilometers. With over 200,000 fiber kilometers, it boasts the second-largest fixed network in Thuringia, only surpassed by Deutsche Telekom. In addition to monitoring and controlling the electricity and natural gas networks, the infrastructure also facilitates high-speed data transmission.

The high-performance infrastructure provided by Thüringer Netkom offers significant benefits to major internet providers, Thuringian universities, and businesses. Additionally, Thüringer Netkom actively caters to private and end customers by offering broadband connections with speeds of up to one gigabit per second. This ensures that a wide range of users, from large organizations to individual households, can enjoy fast and reliable internet access for various purposes.

Thüringer Netkom’s Fiber Infrastructure Expansion Boosts Regional Advantages

Expanding the fiber optic infrastructure by Thüringer Netkom in the Gotha district provides numerous benefits for the region. With fast data transmission, both businesses and individuals will profit from stable and high-speed internet connections. This fosters economic development and enables access to modern technologies and services. The investment in fiber optic expansion showcases Thüringer Netkom’s commitment to the region and strengthens the infrastructure of the Gotha district.

Overall, the expansion of the fiber optic infrastructure by Thüringer Netkom is a significant gain for the region. The fast data transmission and wide availability of fiber optic direct connections enhance the quality of life for residents and strengthen the competitiveness of local businesses. Thüringer Netkom’s investments play a crucial role in the digitalization and future viability of the Gotha district.

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