Upgrading Analog Devices to Digital Microscopes with Touptek High-Quality Cameras


Touptek cameras, distributed by Asmetec GmbH, are high-quality video cameras that allow for the conversion of analog devices into digital microscopes. These cameras come equipped with specialized sensors, making them suitable for various applications in different fields such as laboratories, quality control, schools, and even hobbies. With their numerous advantages, Touptek cameras offer exceptional image capture and analysis capabilities, providing users with reliable and precise results.

Versatile Touptek Cameras: From Microscopy to Quality Control

The Touptek cameras are equipped with specialized sensors that allow for a wide range of applications. In laboratory settings, they can be used for microscopy to capture high-quality digital images. Additionally, these cameras prove valuable in quality control processes, as they enable precise measurements and analyses. They can also be utilized in schools during presentations to enhance students’ understanding of scientific subjects. Furthermore, Touptek cameras find utility in hobbyist activities such as macrophotography and observing flora and fauna.

Wide Range of Touptek Cameras: C3CMOS, BigEye, and ICMOS Series

The Touptek cameras are available in a range of versions and models, including the popular C3CMOS, BigEye, and ICMOS series offered by Asmetec GmbH. Each series is designed with specific features and characteristics to cater to the unique needs of users. From high-resolution imaging to advanced functionality, these cameras offer a wide range of options for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Touptek E3CMOS: High-performance USB camera with Sony Exmor CMOS sensor

The Touptek E3CMOS camera is a USB camera equipped with a Sony Exmor CMOS sensor. It features a USB 3.0 interface, allowing for easy connectivity with PCs or other USB displays. With its high sensitivity, low noise performance, and group shutter function, this camera offers unique features that make it particularly suitable for demanding applications.

XCAM Series by Touptek: Next Generation Live-View Imaging System

The XCAM series by Touptek is highly popular due to its live-view imaging system with HDMI resolution of 1080p or 720p, marking a new generation. These cameras offer various interfaces such as SD card, USB, and HDMI, enabling flexible connections with different devices. With the included ToupView software, users can edit images on their PC and perform various measurements of distances, angles, or areas. This makes the XCAM series a versatile and powerful tool for imaging and analysis tasks.

Enhance your camera experience with Touptek’s adapter solution

To fully utilize the Touptek cameras, Asmetec offers compatible adapters. These adapters are screwed onto the cameras, replacing the eyepiece in the microscope. This results in improved image quality and convenient handling.

Versatile and High-Quality: Touptek Cameras for Various Applications

The Touptek cameras offer a wide range of benefits and enable a broad range of applications. With their specialized sensors, high-quality imaging systems, and unique features, they are perfectly suited for use in laboratories, quality control, schools, and even hobbyists. The wide selection of cameras and variations, as well as the option for individual customization with suitable adapters, make the Touptek cameras the ideal choice for anyone in search of a high-quality and versatile camera.

Product information and additional details can be found on the Asmetec Online Shop at www.asmetec-shop.de. For any inquiries or need for consultation, the employees of Asmetec GmbH can be contacted by phone at 06352/750680 or via email at info@Asmetec.de.

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