Brewster Bros introduces tracking for fleet and driver behavior


Tracking of fleet and drivers has already been the key to success for many logistics companies. Brewster Bros is a resource management company for the construction industry. The company is a specialist in waste management and high quality recycled aggregates. The company operates from Livingston throughout the central belt of Scotland. Brewster Bros provides environmentally responsible waste management and high quality recycled aggregates. With its extensive and modern fleet of tipper trucks, the innovative company can transport up to 500.000 tons of waste and products per year.

Working paperless and optimal tracking as a success factor at Brewster Bros

Heavy lift transportation is very different from other types of transportation for the drivers and the company. These are local, high-frequency jobs that require drivers to return to base and/or visit the same customer location multiple times a day. For some time, Brewster Bros has been using BigChance software. With this advanced mobile workforce management technology, the business has doubled in just two years. The cloud-based system has completely automated the sales process as part of the move to paperless. It starts with the initial inquiry to Brewster Bros and continues through order fulfillment. Invoicing after successful completion of the order can also be done via the modern software. As an end-to-end solution, BigChange software also reduces the back-office administration required to manage mobile operations and improves customer service with an online booking and vehicle tracking portal.

Sales increase by 100 percent in just two years

According to Scott Brewster, managing director of Brewster Bros, it all started when the company adopted BigChange’s JourneyWatch software. That was done as part of the company’s acquisition to monitor driver behavior and track vehicles via tracking. Only a short time later, the solution was already being expanded. Because it was quickly discovered that BigChance had much more to offer than tracking drivers and monitoring vehicles.
Therefore, the complete solution from BigChance has been used since 2018. And since implementing the software at Brewster Bros, business has increased by 100 percent.

Increasing efficiency by going paperless

BigChance is efficient and secure primarily because of its paperless operation. Before the software was introduced, the company produced large amounts of paper. In the process, documents were easily lost or it was difficult to keep track of the different orders. Overall, the work in the back office to coordinate drivers and process orders was much more time-consuming.

BigChange software now provides a complete overview of all transportation functions at Brewster Bros and is equipped with comprehensive tracking. The software’s tracking gives an overview of where the vehicles are, which driver is driving them and even shows when they are tipped. The tracking data can be used to further optimize processes and make them more customer-friendly.

All data about vehicles, drivers and routes is captured to improve customer service. Data collection also includes full proof of delivery and proof of waste transfer. In addition, the software makes it easy to ensure and document regulatory compliance.
Accelerated accounting improves cash flow, which in turn boosts continued business growth.

The BigChance Scope of Services

The BigChange solution provides a single platform for CRM, job scheduling, vehicle tracking and mobile workforce app to help Brewster Bros continue to expand its business. The recently launched BigChange portal will help Brewster Bros customers book and track pickups and deliveries online with numerous self-service features. Waste shipments, as well as delivery bills and invoices, are also easily automated with BigChance.

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