Portable Hygrometer for Fast and Accurate Real-Time Measurements


The portable pressure dew point hygrometer Easidew PDP Dryer Portable by Michell Instruments, a part of the Process Sensing Technologies Group, enables service and maintenance technicians to quickly and accurately measure important parameters such as dew point, pressure, and temperature in real time. Weighing only 3.6 kg, the hygrometer is easy to transport and offers a variety of advantages for applications in healthcare and modern manufacturing.

Portable Hygrometer with Full-Color Touchscreen for Precise Dew Point Measurement

The Easidew PDP Dryer Portable from Michell Instruments is equipped with a full-color touchscreen and an intuitive user interface, making it extremely user-friendly. Its long-lasting battery life ensures continuous operation, allowing for quick and accurate measurements of dew point in compressed air and specialty gases like nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen. With an accuracy of ±2 °Cdp, this hygrometer can measure dew points ranging from -100 to +60 °C Td at ambient and process temperatures of -20 to +50 °C.

The Easidew PDP Dryer Portable offers the added advantage of easy data storage through its integrated 2GB SD card. This allows users to conveniently download the stored data to a PC using a standard USB-C connection, without the need for any special software applications. This feature makes the hygrometer extremely user-friendly and practical for on-site applications.

The Easidew PDP Dryer Portable from Michell Instruments provides an easy and efficient way for maintenance technicians to document the drying curve of an adsorption dryer. With its display trend recording for dew point and pressure, technicians can accurately monitor and optimize the dryer’s condition during startup. This feature allows for precise documentation and analysis of the drying process, helping to ensure optimal performance.

Michell Instruments provides additional services to its customers to minimize downtime and ensure sensor traceability. Customers can order guaranteed recycled sensors with traceable calibration when exchanging sensors. The hygrometer can also be sent back to Michell Instruments for inspection, verification, and recalibration, ensuring continuous traceability of the calibration process.

Overall, the portable Easidew PDP Dryer Portable hygrometer from Michell Instruments offers a multitude of advantages for mobile gas quality measurement. With its precise measurement, easy handling, and quick data storage, it is an essential tool for OEMs, maintenance technicians, and independent service companies. The offered services also guarantee high customer satisfaction and traceability of measurements.

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