Funkanlagenrichtlinie: Protecting Smart Devices Against Cyberattacks


According to a recent Forsa survey, 80 percent of respondents expressed uncertainty about the level of protection against cyberattacks provided by smart devices. TÜV SÜD Product Service, as a Designated Body listed in the EU’s NANDO database, offers conformity assessments based on the Radio Equipment Directive. Since August 2023, the company has also been authorized to assess compliance with cybersecurity requirements. This allows manufacturers to ensure that their products meet legal standards and provide robust cybersecurity measures.

Funkanlagenrichtlinie ensures cybersecurity for internet-enabled devices in EU market

The Funkanlagenrichtlinie ensures that internet-enabled devices provide a certain level of network security, protecting users’ personal data, privacy, and safeguarding against fraud. Starting from August 2025, these regulations will be mandatory for every internet-enabled product in the EU market. Manufacturers and companies that proactively test their products for compliance can confidently bring their new developments to market, knowing they meet the legal requirements.

NANDO Database Registration: Simplifying Product Approval in the EU

The registration in the NANDO database enables manufacturers to identify who is authorized to offer the required conformity assessments. The “New Approach” in the EU simplifies the approval of new products and promotes the free movement of goods. Instead of detailed technical regulations, the Radio Equipment Directive establishes fundamental requirements. This database serves as a valuable resource for manufacturers to ensure compliance with regulations and streamline the certification process for their products.

Enhance Cybersecurity: Obtain the TÜV Cybersecurity Certified (CSC)

Manufacturers and companies have the option to voluntarily undergo a cybersecurity certification process known as “TÜV Cybersecurity Certified” (CSC). This certification allows them to meet the high expectations of customers, stand out in a competitive market, and promote their products with a cybersecurity seal of approval.

The certification is built upon internationally recognized norms and standards, such as the ETSI EN 303 645 V2.1.1. Additionally, IoT security brief checks and penetration tests offer the opportunity to identify and address security vulnerabilities in IT products.

TÜV SÜD Product Service provides manufacturers and companies with the advantage of ensuring that their products comply with legal requirements and guarantee cybersecurity through their conformity assessments based on the Funkanlagenrichtlinie and cybersecurity regulations.

By undergoing voluntary cybersecurity certification, manufacturers and businesses can distinguish themselves from their competitors and enhance customer trust in their products. Additionally, conducting IoT security audits and penetration tests allows them to identify and address any security vulnerabilities, further bolstering the safety of their products.

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