Tuya Smart: Thermostatic radiator valves with Zigbee connectivity


Tuya Smart is a global service provider in the field of IoT platforms. It showcased new and innovative energy saving solutions for businesses at IFA 2022 in Berlin. In a 100 square meter showroom, the latest developments of automated medicine dispensers, automatic door locks and high water alarms were presented. However, the real focus of Tuya Smart is energy saving with the help of modern radiator thermostats and other interesting components.

Accelerating Smart Sustainability

The current motto of Tuya Smart is Accelerating Smart Sustainability. This refers to the acceleration of smart sustainability. In particular, new IoT-based systems were introduced in the area of temperature and humidity monitoring. These continuously inform about the current conditions in rooms of all kinds. As expected from the Internet of Things, not only can data be collected and transmitted, but the technology can respond independently to any requirements. For example, radiator thermostats can be controlled via ZigBee or via WLAN. Of course, the same can be done with other technical devices.

Saving energy costs through smart sustainability

Thanks to the new technical possibilities, which also include communication between sensors and thermostats via ZigBee, high energy costs can be saved. Due to smart controls, energy consumption can be reduced by about 15 to 30 percent. In times of high energy prices, this advantage cannot be denied. In addition, every saving of energy is a gain for the environment. This is why this technology will become even more important in the future. Every property owner and also every company has a great interest in being able to save energy costs. However, with a modern IoT platform, it is much easier than manually intervening in the settings again and again.

Tuya Smart’s Energy Saving Dashboard.

Anyone who already uses modern products to monitor energy consumption can use the Tuya Smart Energy Saving Dashboard. This offers very interesting and informative analysis options. Thanks to this possibility, any interested party can determine very precisely where and when the most energy was consumed. The findings from these analyses can be used excellently to draw conclusions. In many cases, it becomes apparent that sometimes even small measures are sufficient to save a certain amount of energy. This can be the installation of radiator thermostats or other important components with ZigBee or similar measures.

Other strengths of Tuya Smart

This company continues to expand its collaboration with various global partners. The primary goal is to enable energy-efficient and sustainable lifestyles. Therefore, applications are being developed in the field of IoT platforms that serve to save energy and thus also to secure resources. This is not just about making real estate smart and networking it.

Innovative developments for companies are taking place in the same way. In this area, too, the focus is on saving energy. In addition, the reduction of CO2 plays a decisive role. Accelrating Smart Sustainability, as Tuya calls it, is an important step toward making optimum use of existing resources and protecting the environment. Visitors to the IFA in Berlin were already able to learn extensively about the latest developments in these areas.

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