Ugreen Nexode 300 W desktop charger: eco-friendly solution for fast charging and reduced CO2 emissions


The Ugreen Nexode 300 W desktop charger is a milestone in charging technology. Incorporating Navitas Semiconductor’s advanced GaN technology, it not only offers a remarkable 300 W of power, but also the ability to charge five devices simultaneously.

Innovative technology for safe charging

The Ugreen Nexode 300 W desktop charger redefines the standards for fast charging technology. Utilizing Navitas’ LLC structure and GaNFast™ chip, it delivers remarkable performance in a space-saving design, enabling safe and efficient device charging.

Ugreen Nexode 300 W Charger: Fast Charging for MacBook Pro and More

The Ugreen Nexode 300 W desktop charger is a practical addition to the Ugreen Nexode series. With its four USB C ports and one USB A port, the charger allows you to quickly charge up to five devices simultaneously. Each port of the charger delivers a maximum power of 140 W, ensuring fast and efficient charging of various devices.

Eco-friendly charging: The Ugreen Nexode 300 W desktop charger reduces CO2 emissions

With its compatibility to PD 3.1, QC3.0 and other fast charging protocols, this charger offers impressive charging performance. The intelligent Thermal Guard™ system ensures that connected devices are protected from potential damage by monitoring temperature in real time and preventing excessive current flow.

Reducing CO2 emissions: Ugreen’s Nexode 300 W desktop charger

With its fire-resistant and flame-retardant PVC enclosure, the Ugreen Nexode 300 W desktop charger offers increased protection against potential fire hazards, as well as high resistance to shock and drop impacts. In addition, the charger helps reduce CO2 emissions and can potentially save about 2.0 gigatons of CO2 by 2050, according to data from Navitas, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Innovation in charging design: The Ugreen Nexode 300 W desktop charger sets new standards

Ugreen and Navitas Semiconductor have developed the Ugreen Nexode 300 W desktop charger, a charger that is not only fast and safe, but also contributes to environmental protection. The high performance and smart safety technology make it a reliable and sustainable charging solution.

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