Ulisse: IoT AI platform for customer monitoring


Ulisse, an IoT AI platform for space analytics, enables retailers to monitor their sales floors in real time. Its goal is to turn one-time visitors into customers with long-lasting business relationships by optimizing the range of products and services on offer.

Understanding customers better with IoT

Market analysts predict that even after the crisis, many business operators still won’t truly understand why and when customers buy goods from them. Too much about motivations, circumstances and environmental factors is still in the dark. The IoT AI platform Ulisse aims to help close this knowledge gap. Detailed scans of spaces and people interacting within them will help retailers optimize their spaces.

Sensor monitoring for store optimization

Radio frequency sensors record the behavior of visitors and make the collected information available to retailers for analysis. They can then adjust their showrooms to generate more business.

Unobtrusive, versatile, maintenance-free

The wifi router-like device can be installed in an inconspicuous location in just a few minutes. It can go about its business unnoticed and maintenance-free for years. A plus point for the developers is that the technology is said to violate the privacy of those scanned less than camera surveillance.

The basic unit can be continuously expanded according to the modular principle. Computer vision and lidar functions are already planned. Proprietary algorithms and software transform the generated data into visual representations that retailers can use to optimize their infrastructure. Conceivable options include savings in personnel, more efficient presentation of advertising materials or changes in room layout.

The purchase of the system amounts to $500 for the basic function. Additional costs are incurred with each expansion. Mandatory subscription is $36 per month.

Further areas of application in practice

Other areas of application for Ulisse that are independent of the retail sector include the tourism industry, real estate, the medical sector, and the hotel industry. The manufacturers can already point to several successful use cases in Venice and Singapore. For example, the city of Venice uses Ulisse to measure and analyze the groups of tourists visiting it.

Singapore Cable Car Sky Network uses the platform to track passengers. Conceivably, Ulisse could also be used to monitor beds in medical and hotel facilities to improve the quality of sleep for patients or customers. Property owners can optimize the existing space to meet new needs.

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