Urban Movement Labs: innovative transport in the smart city


Urban Movement Labs (UML), from Los Angeles has joined the SCWS agency. Together, they aim to develop new solutions for transportation in urban areas. They are supported by municipal and private-sector consultants.

Smart cities: hunger for constant optimization

Studies show that cities around the world are increasingly attracting newcomers, not only at present but also in the future. More and more people are leaving the countryside to take advantage of the growing range of job opportunities and cultural services available in urban areas. This development is increasingly challenging urban infrastructures. Constrained spaces that must accommodate and sustain growing populations must learn to adapt their infrastructures in this regard.

Intelligent transport: growing opportunities

In addition to optimizing energy supply and communication structures, it is becoming apparent that transport infrastructure offers increasing potential for improving efficiency. Be it the control of traffic lights, the navigation of vehicles or the maintenance of goods transport, they all benefit directly from innovations in the IoT segment. Data analysis from various sources and applications with real-time functions play their part in constant improvement.

UML and SCWVS: solutions for intelligent transport

Smart City Works Venture Studio (SCWVS) has now announced its collaboration with Urban Movement Labs (UML ). SCWVS is known for giving a helping hand to startups that want to develop innovations that target tomorrow’s mobility and transportation. The UML develops, tests and integrates mobile technology solutions that help support transportation conditions.

Support from the business community

The Urban Movement Labs always takes a communities-first approach to its projects. In this approach, businesses, agencies, and city entities are asked to work together on projects to find solutions to problems that arise. UML has already been able to acquire some well-known consultants for this work. In addition to Verizon, Lyft, Waymo, the Avis Budget Group, Moceanlab, SCWVS is now also part of the panel.

Test bed city for a better life

With these potent partners behind it, UML can be sure of support in one of its current ventures. For example, the organization wants to evaluate mobility solutions in everyday life and the feedback they generate from those affected.

These include technologies to clean the air or improve safety and commuting conditions in particularly busy areas. From optimizations in these areas, the developers also expect significant improvements in reducing traffic congestion, in time management and energy supply, as well as in the health sector.

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