valantic emerges as a leading provider in the German DXS market


According to a recent market study by renowned analyst firm Lünendonk, valantic is recognized as one of the fastest-growing providers in the German market for Digital Experience Services (DXS). The study highlights valantic’s transformation from a challenger to a follower within a short period of time, and its recognition as a relevant player by leading service providers.

valantic’s strategic investments in Digital Commerce lead to market growth

The recent Lünendonk DXS study highlights valantic’s upgraded status as a follower, recognizing the company’s strategic investments in the Digital Commerce sector. By merging this new expertise with its established strength in Supply Chain Management, valantic has strengthened its position in the market. Furthermore, valantic has developed a high level of expertise in Data & Analytics, Business- and Management-Consulting, in part due to collaborations with renowned digital consultancies mm1 and Sieger Consulting. Additionally, valantic is recognized as one of Germany’s leading IT service providers in software development.

The Lünendonk study evaluates the market relevance of individual providers based not only on their revenue growth, but also on their portfolio focus, market share, and market perception. The study reveals that valantic is the only player in the DXS market to transition from being a challenger to a follower.

One significant reason for valantic’s positive development in the DXS field, as stated by Lünendonk, is the focused expansion of its service portfolio, made possible through targeted recruiting efforts. With over 1,000 specialized consultants now at their disposal, valantic is well-equipped to meet the needs of its customers.

Other market players increasingly recognize valantic’s positive development. Particularly as a full-service provider of digital experience services, the company is considered strong competition by 19 percent of respondents, compared to 11 percent in the previous year.

Uwe Tüben, Partner and Managing Director at valantic, attributes the success of his company to its comprehensive and closely-knit customer support. valantic offers a wide range of services, including business case development, UX concept creation, and implementation of digital experience platforms. By providing end-to-end solutions, valantic ensures that its customers receive tailored support throughout their digital transformation journey.

Valantic offers a wide range of services for digital transformation, including ensuring smooth operations, optimizing supply chain systems, and transforming ERP backends as needed. This comprehensive service portfolio, combined with valantic’s personalized approach of assigning a dedicated partner to each customer, sets the company apart in the market. Customers can rely on valantic for end-to-end support in their digital transformation journey, making it a unique and trusted partner in the industry.

The impressive revenue growth of valantic is highlighted in the Lünendonk study, emphasizing a significant increase of 53 percent achieved through both organic and inorganic growth. This success is reflective of the high demand for DXS providers, which can be attributed to a shortage of skilled professionals in the industry.

Many companies still have a long way to go in terms of their digital experience. Only 13 percent of companies consider the quality of their digital experience to be advanced. However, half of the companies are concerned about losing customers due to an underdeveloped customer experience.

Uwe Tüben emphasizes the importance of customer-centricity, as it has been proven to be more successful to meet customers’ needs and communicate with them in their own language. This goes beyond just optimizing website or app navigation, but also includes providing features that cater to customers’ specific requirements, presenting information in a structured manner, and ensuring the right aesthetics and tone.

Valantic stands out in the industry for its comprehensive range of digital transformation services, providing customers with a personalized approach that sets them apart. With its unique entrepreneurial mindset, the company has achieved exceptional growth, positioning itself as a formidable competitor. Valantic’s commitment to individualized customer support and its ability to deliver outstanding results have made it a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance their digital capabilities.

Valantic, with its expertise in Digital Commerce, Supply Chain Management, Data & Analytics, and Business- and Management-Consulting, is well positioned to meet the increasing demand for Digital Experience Services. The company offers a wide range of services to support businesses in improving their digital experience. From developing business cases and UX concepts to implementing digital experience platforms, valantic ensures a seamless operation and optimizes systems for supply chains. With its comprehensive service portfolio, valantic is a strong player in the market.

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