Varta CoinPower A-Series: higher capacity and energy density for Asia Smart Wearable Exhibition


High energy density and maximum capacity: VARTA presented the new CoinPower A at the Asia Smart Wearable Exhibition, the latest lithium-ion coin cell that shows high potential in the wearables sector.

VARTA shows itself future-proof at the Asia Smart Wearable Exhibition

The Asia Smart Wearable Exhibition in Shenzhen was once again the scene of cutting-edge solutions. Among other things, the German technology company was represented here and presented the CoinPower A, a lithium-ion coin cell for the wearables and TWS sector.

In the coin cell, more active material than ever ensures that a high energy density is achieved. The capacity of the CoinPower A is claimed to be up to 15 percent more, comparing this version as well as previous editions of the A series. Furthermore, the cycles are very stable, which is also a plus compared to previous versions.

Battery power for the smallest devices

Just as devices are getting smaller, batteries also have to reach a minimum size. Especially the increased use of mobile devices made the revision of button cells necessary. Today, there are smallest models that have very high mechanical stability and high energy density.

Through CoinPower, among other things, TWS headsets are possible in the new generation. Technological features are offered that can also be found in wearables. The batteries are additionally used in watches or jewelry as well as in tracking.

VARTA is confident about the sales of the CoinPower A button cells, especially since the interest at the Asia Smart Wearable Exhibition was really high. Discussions with customers are imminent or in some cases already in preparation. Of particular note is that these batteries run on 100 percent renewable energy. Three technologies (A, C and F versions) are available. The C version offers very high charging currents, so fast charging is no longer a problem.

The energy density is also high here because of the high cell voltage. The company is doing everything it can to keep pushing ahead with research, because with batteries everything comes down to performance. At the same time, the safety aspect is not neglected.


VARTA stands for the highest battery quality and markets a comprehensive portfolio of various energy storage products. These include household batteries, micro batteries and energy storage systems. Customized solutions are also available. In doing so, VARTA, as a leading company in the industry, continues to set new standards. Many standards that apply in the industry have been created on the basis of VARTA solutions and applications.

In the Lithium-Ion Solutions & Microbatteries division, the company’s portfolio includes CoinPower, Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Ion Large Cells. VARTA focuses on intensive research and new development, and the company is known worldwide as an innovation leader. Of interest to end customers is the Household Batteries division, which includes not only classic batteries, but also recargeable batteries and chargers.

Currently, the Group employs around 4,700 people and maintains five manufacturing and production facilities. The company’s distribution centers are located in Europe and Asia, but also in the USA. In total, the company operates in 75 countries.

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