High sealing and durability for food industry applications


The JSY3000-S series valve islands from SMC provide numerous advantages for the processing industry, especially in the food sector. These valve islands are compact, powerful, and flexible. They also meet high requirements for tightness and durability.

High-performance valve islands for wash-down applications in the food industry

The JSY3000-S series valve islands are perfectly suited for wash-down applications in the food industry. With a corrosion-resistant stainless steel connection plate, an EPDM seal, and FDA-compliant connectors, these valve islands offer high levels of tightness and durability. Rated IP67, they can be used in environments where they may come into contact with water.

High-flow rates, compact design, and flexible mounting options

The JSY3000-S series not only provides high flow rates and a compact design, but also offers flexible mounting options. Additionally, it supports a wide range of communication protocols, including IO-Link, PROFINET, EtherCat, EtherNet/IP, Ethernet POWERLINK, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DB, CC-Link, AS-Interface, and CANopen. This versatility makes the valve islands suitable for a variety of application scenarios.

Durable and low-maintenance valve islands with reduced downtime

The JSY3000-S series valve islands are designed for durability and low maintenance. The separation between the electrical and pneumatic components allows for shorter maintenance times and fewer failures. With the magnet valves protected internally and the tubing located externally, installation is made easier and the likelihood of leaks is reduced, resulting in cost savings.

Compact Valve Islands: Space-saving Solution for High-flow Applications

Due to the compact design of the JSY3000-S series valve islands, they can be installed in small control cabinets, saving space and reducing the CO2 footprint. Despite their compact size, these valve islands offer a high flow rate of up to 640 l/min, enabling applications with high cycle rates and increasing productivity.

Versatile compatibility with multiple connections, fieldbus modules, and communication protocols

The JSY3000-S series is compatible with various connections, fieldbus modules, and communication protocols. It offers different wiring options and fieldbus modules. Additionally, the series provides various thread types and operating modes, ensuring high flexibility for installation and application scenarios.

JSY3000-S Valve Islands: Ideal Solution for Food Industry Requirements

The JSY3000-S series valve islands from SMC provide an ideal solution for the requirements of the manufacturing industry, particularly in the food sector. They combine high sealing, durability, flexibility, and a compact design. With their long-lasting and low-maintenance features, they ensure efficient and reliable control of pneumatic applications. Their comprehensive compatibility and wide range of communication protocols make them versatile for various use cases. Overall, the JSY3000-S valve islands offer an optimal solution for demanding applications in the manufacturing industry.

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