eQ-3 and Bird Home Automation Announce Strategic Partnership for Seamless Integration


The eQ-3 AG and Bird Home Automation GmbH have announced a strategic partnership during the Light + Building 2024 event. This collaboration will enable a comprehensive cloud-to-cloud integration starting from the fourth quarter of 2024, allowing DoorBird Video Door Stations to be connected to a Homematic IP Smart Home System.

Enhanced Home Access Control with DoorBird and Homematic IP Integration

The integration of DoorBird into the Homematic IP ecosystem allows users to enhance the access control to their homes with ease and convenience. Through the Homematic IP App, users receive push notifications on their smartphones, informing them of any doorbell activity, regardless of their location. Additionally, audio and video signals from the DoorBird video door station are seamlessly transmitted to the Homematic IP App, enabling direct communication with visitors. With just a simple touch, users have the option to remotely unlock their doors.

Highest Priority on Security: Communication and Data Encryption Standards

Both partners prioritize security as their top priority. Communication in both systems is encrypted and transmitted according to the latest standards. The Homematic IP Cloud is exclusively operated on servers in Germany, adhering to the strictest security requirements that are continuously reviewed. The Homematic IP Smart Home System has received certification from the VDE seven times in a row for protocol, IT, and data security, ensuring the highest security standards are met.

eQ-3 AG expands Whole Home System with new partnerships

eQ-3 AG continuously expands its extensive range of the Whole Home System to provide users with even more options to easily and comfortably customize their smart homes according to their preferences. By forming strategic partnerships with companies like DoorBird, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Philips Hue, EZVIZ, VEKA Texino, and Ease(R), eQ-3 enhances its own product portfolio. The Cloud-to-Cloud integration of DoorBird and Homematic IP will be available from the 4th quarter of 2024.

Seamless Integration: DoorBird Video Door Stations and Homematic IP Smart Home System

The strategic partnership between eQ-3 and Bird Home Automation enables a seamless connection between DoorBird Video Door Stations and the Homematic IP Smart Home System, enhancing home access control with ease and convenience. With direct integration, users can communicate directly with visitors and open the door with a single touch. This partnership offers a simplified and user-friendly solution for managing home security and access control.

The strategic partnership between eQ-3 and Bird Home Automation prioritizes security by ensuring encrypted communication and hosting the Homematic IP Cloud on German servers. This ensures that user data is protected and meets the highest security standards. Additionally, the expanded product range of the Whole Home System from eQ-3 provides users with more options to customize their smart homes in a simple and convenient way. Overall, this partnership offers numerous benefits for Smart Home enthusiasts.

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