Verdantix Green Quadrant: Siemens remains the leader in smart homes


In 2022, the Verdantix Green Quadrant study listed Siemens as one of the leading providers in IoT in the smart building sector. A total of 17 providers of IoT platforms for smart buildings were analyzed in more detail. The Green Quadrant is about an in-depth study, according to Verdentix. In this, 285 executives from the real estate industry were surveyed. They each had to answer 154 questions. In addition, numerous live product demonstrations by the providers were examined and evaluated. But what exactly is the Verdantix Green Quadrant all about?

Smart building will become increasingly important in the future

Real estate companies face very significant challenges.

They are always pursuing important goals like these:

  • Reduction of costs
  • Occupant well-being
  • Decarbonization of buildings

The tasks are constantly growing so that they cannot be done at all without the innovative solutions from the IoT sector. Cities are becoming more complex and the demands on real estate are increasing. For companies operating in the real estate industry, high efficiency is the primary concern. In addition, regulations must be complied with. Another important concern is that tenants feel comfortable in the apartments. This makes long-term planning more feasible.

Who benefits from the Verdantix study?

Without modern IoT technology, real estate companies have a hard time operating economically. Intelligent buildings are an elementary prerequisite for collecting and evaluating data from various areas. Appropriate conclusions can then be drawn from this. The Green Quadrant is about being able to classify the user-friendliness as well as the multitude of possible uses. Therefore, it is important for prospective customers that Verdantix Green Quadrant offers results in this area. These serve as a decision-making tool for potential customers.

Evaluation of important data

The smart building offers an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate data from the building. Important factors are energy management, monitoring and analysis from indoor climate to important service measures. If a building cannot be operated economically or if other problems occur, these new possibilities can be used to find out where the problem lies.

Since IoT technology is already very advanced, large amounts of data can easily be analyzed and matched. This also allows data from different properties to be compared if needed. This possibility is also advantageous to increase profitability.

Development is progressing rapidly

Since the Verdantix Green Quadrant study is possible at all, it shows that there are already numerous smart buildings. In addition, the report lists that Siemens already offers a wide range of IoT solutions for smart buildings. Many more solutions in this area will certainly be added in the coming years. The long-term goal is for there to be complete digital services for buildings of all kinds. That would be a significant reduction in workload.

One very interesting aspect emerges from this study by Verdantix. Although Germany is still very far behind many other industrialized countries in terms of digitization, a German company can be among the best in this industry in the area of IoT Platform for Smart Building.

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