Revolutionizing Sustainable Building Design: Quantum Computing Takes the Lead


A groundbreaking collaboration between VINCI Energies . DIANE, uptownBasel . QuantumBasel, and D-Wave has achieved a significant milestone in sustainable building design. By harnessing the power of quantum computing, the Quantum Proof of Concept (QPoC) focused on optimizing the planning of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for complex buildings. The results are promising, offering numerous benefits for the industry, such as improved energy efficiency and cost savings.

Transforming HVAC network generation with quantum computing technology

In the initial phase of the project, the complex problem of generating HVAC network was successfully transformed into a constrained quadratic model (CQM). This transformation allowed for the utilization of D-Wave’s quantum-classical hybrid solvers to find efficient solutions. This innovative approach represents a significant departure from traditional computation methods and showcases the potential of quantum-classical hybrid solutions in solving complex problems in the field of HVAC planning.

Impressive Results: D-Wave Solvers Generate Superior HVAC Network Designs

During the implementation and experimentation phase, the Constrained Quadratic Model (CQM) was translated into Python code and evaluated by the hybrid solvers from D-Wave. The results were impressive, as the solvers identified superior HVAC network designs that significantly outperformed the existing data-driven method. These new solutions led to shorter duct lengths and fewer construction elements such as elbows. Experts from VINCI Energies confirmed the quality of these solutions through visual and manual inspection. The results were based on a representative building plan and various HVAC systems, enabling broad applicability in the industry.

Interdisciplinary Teamwork Propelled Project Success in Sustainable Building Design

The interdisciplinary team consisting of members from Europe (Switzerland, France, Germany) and North America (Canada, USA) played a crucial role in the success of the project. Their diverse expertise and experience enabled rapid progress and efficient problem-solving. The seamless virtual collaboration facilitated by collaboration tools showcased the strength of teamwork in achieving cutting-edge innovations.

Transforming Technical Improvements into Business Opportunities for Sustainable Building

In the next phase of the project, the focus will be on translating the technical improvements into tangible business opportunities. The advantages are clear: shorter calculation times and less manual development effort. These advancements have the potential to lead to more efficient and sustainable building solutions.

Collaboration and Advanced Technology Shape Sustainable Building Solutions

The quantum computer project for sustainable building design showcases the power of collaborative innovation. By bringing together experts and leveraging advanced technologies, this project enables the creation of environmentally friendly and cost-effective building solutions. This significant step towards a more sustainable future demonstrates the synergy between human expertise and technology, highlighting the potential for transformative advancements in the field of sustainable architecture and construction.

Leading Innovation and Technology Centers in uptownBasel and uptownBasel Infinity

uptownBasel and uptownBasel Infinity are renowned centers for innovation and technology. They provide their tenants and partners with access to quantum computers and high-performance computers through QuantumBasel, their competence center for quantum and artificial intelligence. By collaborating with prestigious technology partners, uptownBasel expands its global network and drives innovation in the industry. Through these initiatives, uptownBasel establishes itself as a hub for cutting-edge technology, fostering collaboration and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of quantum computing and artificial intelligence.

D-Wave Quantum Inc.: Leading the Way in Quantum Computing

D-Wave Quantum Inc. is the world’s first commercial provider of quantum computers and is at the forefront of developing quantum computer systems, software, and services. D-Wave’s cutting-edge technology is already being utilized by renowned companies worldwide and offers practical applications in various fields.

The use of quantum computing in the project represents a significant advancement in sustainable building design. By harnessing the power of quantum computing, more efficient and environmentally friendly heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) network solutions can be developed. The collaboration of an international team and the utilization of cutting-edge technologies highlight the immense potential of these innovative solutions. This project demonstrates a further step towards a sustainable future where human expertise and technology work hand in hand to create sustainable and efficient building solutions.

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