Volvo: New standards in autonomous driving


Swedish vehicle manufacturer Volvo unveiled its latest project at a press conference together with its partners, software developer Zenseact and lidar producer Luminar. The system, called Ride Pilot, is said to be an upgrade subscription that aims to set new standards in autonomous driving.

Ride Pilot: autonomous driving for all

Together with its cooperation partners, Volvo has set its sights on nothing less than the democratization of autonomous driving. Safety, autonomy and the desired speed in each case are all part of the ambitious project. All this is to be made possible by Ride Pilot, a system based on lidar (light detection and ranging). This system uses optical distance and speed measurements via Gps, radar and camera technology to enable the car to see.

Successful Swedish-American cooperation

Already successfully tested on Sweden’s roads, it is soon to be rolled out across California. Expansion into other segments is then planned. With the help of Luminar’s lidar sensors, vehicles will be able to create three-dimensional images of their surroundings. Software producer Zenseact’s innovations will enable the power supply for the autonomous systems, as well as the development of other sensors. Customers of this solution enjoy complete freedom from maintenance. This is because all updates to the Ride Pilot are carried out automatically over the air.

Latest technology for maximum comfort

For better visualization, they installed the system in the Concept Recharger, an electric SUV. Here, Iris Ladar, a creation of Luminar was installed in the roof area of the car. Blade, also a proprietary development also consists of an integrated system of up to four Iris sensors, which are intended to provide the basis for automated mobility. In addition to the fully height-adjustable seats, an intelligent dog flap is also part of the equipment. Qualcomm’s digital Snapdragon Cockpit Infotainment Center also enhances the interior comfort for its customers, as does the remotely controllable heat via Google Assistant function.

Volvo’s 100-year plan for autonomous driving

Although no exact date for the start of this development is yet clear, for Volvo it is already clear that great things will be achievable with it. In its 100-year vision, the company firmly believes that its autonomous driving technology will save the lives of at least 100 million people. It also predicts 100 trillion hours of more usable time on highways. These bold announcements are said to be made possible by the improved Luminar safety structure as a future standard in many vehicles.

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