water stuff & sun GmbH convinces with hydrogen storage solutions and wins World CleanTech StartUPs Award


With its pioneering hydrogen storage technology, water stuff & sun has won the coveted World CleanTech StartUPs Award 2023. This technology offers an efficient and sustainable way to store hydrogen, which contributes to the further spread of renewable energies and has a positive impact on climate change.

Hydrogen future secured: Start-up water stuff & sun wins Visionary Technology Disruptor Award

The World CleanTech StartUPs Award 2023 (WCSA2023) – Visionary Technology Disruptor (Paddy Padmanathan Award) was awarded to start-up water stuff & sun in recognition of its innovative hydrogen storage technology. This prestigious award honours companies that redefine the standards of clean technologies. water stuff & sun convinced the jury in an intense competition with 32 start-ups from 21 countries and 5 continents with their groundbreaking technology in the field of hydrogen storage.

The competition showcased various clean and forward-looking technologies in the fields of solar, storage, hydrogen, clean water, smart energy, e-mobility, IoT and AI. water stuff & sun was selected from numerous applications by a top-class jury consisting of industry experts and leading clean tech entrepreneurs. The final hearing of the five finalists took place during the event “The Smarter E” in Munich, where innovative cleantech start-ups from all over the world were presented.

The award given to water stuff & sun GmbH is enthusiastically received by Thomas Korn, the company’s CEO. He emphasises the immense importance of this award and how it will help the company to reshape the storage, distribution and use of renewable energy through the use of green hydrogen. The support and recognition from the World CleanTech StartUPs Awards comes at just the right time, as water stuff & sun has recently provided proof of concept for their core technology and opened a current round of investment.

The hydrogen storage technology of water stuff & sun was recognised as groundbreaking by a unanimous jury. Its unique properties and transformative potential in revolutionising energy storage were discussed at length. Paddy Padmanathan, namesake of the award, highlighted the importance of innovation in the cleantech sector and acknowledged water stuff & sun GmbH’s pioneering idea as a driver of positive change towards a more sustainable future.

ACWA Power’s Thomas Altmann, Executive Vice President – Innovation & New Technology and Co-Chairman of the Awards, explained the judges’ decision to select water stuff & sun as the winner. The winner’s solution presents a significant advance in hydrogen storage technology. By successfully integrating SFEERS and the hydrogen battery, the winning team has created a new standard for renewable energy storage, distribution and use. ACWA Power will provide the winner with the opportunity to visit the company’s headquarters in Dubai and meet experts to support further development and innovation of the ideas.

Hydrogen as the key to the energy transition: The advantages of storage technology from water stuff & sun

  1. Thanks to the hydrogen battery from water stuff & sun, excess energy can be efficiently converted into hydrogen and thus renewable energy can be stored sustainably. This innovative solution offers reliable energy storage.
  2. Adaptable hydrogen storage technology: Water Stuff & Sun presents a technology that is able to adapt to different needs. Hydrogen storage technology offers scalable solutions for smaller applications as well as for supporting the energy grid on a regional or national level.
  3. Water stuff & sun relies on hydrogen as a storage medium to support a sustainable energy supply. Hydrogen is an environmentally friendly energy carrier that does not produce any harmful emissions when burned and thus contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Long-term energy storage with hydrogen technology: By using hydrogen as an energy storage medium, a sustainable solution for long-term energy storage can be achieved. This technology makes it possible to store surplus energy from renewable sources and call it up when needed to ensure a continuous power supply.
  5. Intelligent use of renewable energy via hydrogen storage: water stuff & sun has developed an advanced technology that enables the intelligent distribution of renewable energy. By storing hydrogen, the electricity generated can be used efficiently to ensure a continuous and reliable power supply, even when the availability of renewable energy sources fluctuates.

The recognition of water stuff & sun by the CleanTech community through the World CleanTech StartUPs Award 2023 confirms their outstanding performance and contribution to the development of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy future.

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