Revolutionize Pallet Security with Saturn S6 and KZV-111


The Mosca GmbH introduces two innovative solutions for securing entire pallets at LogiMAT. The Saturn S6 wrapper and the KZV-111 strapping machine can be seamlessly integrated into overarching systems, offering numerous advantages for efficiency and throughput enhancement. These solutions provide a reliable and efficient way to secure pallets, ensuring that goods are transported safely and securely. With their seamless integration and advanced features, the Saturn S6 and KZV-111 are ideal choices for optimizing packaging processes in the industry.

SoniXs TR-Connect: High-performance machine for seamless IoT integration

The SoniXs TR-Connect is a high-performance machine that seamlessly integrates into complex IoT applications. With its integrated WebHMI and the ability to connect to customer devices or a tablet, it offers comprehensive digital applications. Users can view and adjust important parameters, and the machine generates data for performance evaluation and predicting maintenance intervals. Thanks to its standard interface, the SoniXs TR-Connect can be smoothly integrated into fully automated lines, achieving a throughput of up to 45 strapped packages per minute.

SoniXs MP-6 T: Cost-effective alternative for secure cross-strapping

The SoniXs MP-6 T is a machine designed for strapping individual cartons and packages. When combined with a Pinger Robotic robot arm, this standalone machine becomes part of a fully automated line. The robot arm efficiently loads the SoniXs MP-6 T with small packages, allowing for secure cross strapping. With its high flexibility and compact size, the SoniXs MP-6 T offers a cost-effective alternative to rigid conveyor systems.

Saturn S6: High-speed stretch wrapping machine with weather protection

The Saturn S6 is a stretch wrapping machine that can secure up to 120 loaded pallets per hour. It wraps the load units from the outside using its stretch wrapping ring, eliminating the need for additional movement. The Saturn S6 provides an additional protection against weather conditions and is particularly suitable for smaller individual products and cartons.

Efficient and eco-friendly strapping machine with quick operation

The KZV-111 is an efficient and low-emission strapping machine that can securely strap a package within 12 seconds. It utilizes SoniXs ultrasonic technology, which ensures reliable water protection. The KZV-111 is available in various configurations and is specifically designed for packaged and palletized goods. Its quick operation and water-resistant features make it an ideal choice for industries that require efficient and secure packaging solutions.

The Saturn S6 stretch wrapping machine and the KZV-111 strapping machine provide exceptional solutions for securing pallets. Their seamless integration into overarching systems, high performance and flexibility, as well as their additional protection against weather conditions, make them the perfect choice for industrial packaging lines. These machines ensure that pallets are securely wrapped or strapped, minimizing the risk of product damage during transport or storage.

Overall, the products of Mosca GmbH offer numerous advantages for improving efficiency and throughput in the packaging industry. Their seamless integration into overarching systems, extensive digital applications, and machine flexibility make them a clear recommendation for companies looking to optimize their packaging processes.

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