Wiliot: Cloud platform for BLE sensors


Wiliot, an IoT developer from Israel has developed a cloud platform for its sensor technology. It aims to attract more customers to use the technology through its simplified installation processes.

Williot: solutions for retailers

The company first earned its spurs by equipping large retailers with IoT solutions. With them, they wanted to gain more accurate overviews of the inventory of goods, their location and the circumstances of their distribution.

Williot’s energy-harvesting and low-power-consuming BLE sensors were used for this purpose. Once attached to or inside shipping containers or items, they can not only track their movements. They can additionally provide information about fill levels and temperature fluctuations.

Second generation IoT pixel chips

Now Williot has developed a new generation of IoT pixel chips that are not only significantly smaller than their predecessors. They are also more powerful. Originally two millimeters by two millimeters, their size has now been shrunk by half, making them much more affordable because now their number on a wafer can be increased.

They are capable of powering postage stamp-sized tags, which now have doubled range due to their increased sensitivity. While the first generation still realized transmissions of up to three meters. The new generation can more than triple this value.

UAP: Cloud platform for improved installation

Another innovation in the Wiliot portfolio is the development of the Universal Automation Platform (UAP). The goal of the cloud solution is to optimize costs in the process by simplifying installation processes, thus attracting more customers to it.

Instead of having a specific solution developed for each new implementation, as was previously the case, drag and drop functions are now to make everything much simpler. They enable users to select the things they actually need from a range and move them to the appropriate places. Factors such as temperature limits or the settings for real-time alarm systems can be selected.

Application area: Fresh produce management

Wiliot’s innovation lends itself to solving a pressing problem in distribution. Tracking packaged goods usually doesn’t tell you much about the condition of the products. Especially in the case of perishable goods, temperature fluctuations or delays in delivery can lead to high losses in sales and customer confidence.

Health damage or even deaths in the case of critical pharmaceutical items are also conceivable. The IoT pixel chips, in conjunction with the cloud platform, can help solve the problem. With their ability to monitor not only movement patterns, but also item integrity and ambient temperature, they are tailor-made for the job.

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