Wiliot: IoT starter kits for small retailers


Wiliot introduced its free Open Release Starter Kit at NRF 2022. With it, even the smallest retailers should now be able to benefit from cost-effective IoT solutions.

Wiliot: small but powerful helpers

Williot, a well-known SaaS provider for the smallest possible but very powerful Internet of Things (IoT) applications, after equipping large retailers, now wants to give smaller companies the opportunity to participate in the IoT revolution. The means of choice here are its processors the size of postage stamps, which have a self-sufficient power supply. With them, every market participant should be able to equip every product, every service and all their supply chains.

Sensors in any place for many needs

Wiliot’s mini-computers can be attached to pretty much any place, whether it’s packaging materials or everyday items like beverage containers. These IoT pixels are capable of performing a variety of useful functions. In addition to their surroundings, locations, temperature, humidity and approaching objects, they can also detect the fill level.

Self-powered and transmitting units

They are supplied with energy by the small Bluetooth Ridge devices included, which can also read out the collected values. The information generated in this way is then transferred to the Willot Cloud for further analysis via gateways such as the Wiliot Mobile App. The current version is now also compatible with Android and iOS.

IoT Starter Kit for more efficiency

The Open Release Starter Kit enables small retailers to modernize and optimize their current day-to-day workspaces and implement new use cases. In addition to a more efficient networked way to inventory their own and partners’ stock, evaluate customer behavior, Wiliot’s service also offers the chance to track goods and maintain product integrity.

Wiliot: IoT democratization through affordable solutions

With its Starter Kit, Wiliots is pursuing the intention of profoundly democratizing the IoT sphere. Thus, not only the largest and best-known brands in the world are to benefit from access to the new technology through cost-intensive solutions thanks to their massive financial resources, as has been the case in the past.

More democracy through total networking

Even smaller companies with almost any budget are expected to make a significant contribution to further penetration of additional markets through their participation in this revolutionary innovation. Or, as the Wiliot developers themselves put it, the Internet of expensive things is to become a network of everyday things. All of this is to be made possible with the intelligent networking of everything from transportation units to clothing through sensor technology, the modules of which today only cost a few cents.

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