World Smart Home Day: November 3 shows the way to the future


There are always new smart home devices coming onto the market. These make it possible to remotely control components in your own home. In addition, different technical solutions can communicate with each other. For example, sensors on windows can tell the thermostats on the radiators that the windows are open. In this case, the radiator thermostats close and only open again when the windows are closed. There are now many more automated options and processes in the Smart Home area.

The new radio standard Matter is only slowly gaining ground

Matter also plays an important role on World Smart Home Day. This is an open source radio standard. So far, almost every manufacturer of electronic smart home devices has used its own standard for communication between the components.

For the consumer, this means that he has to decide on the products of a supplier. For this reason, the new standard Matter, which is independent of manufacturers, was introduced in 2017. With this, devices from different manufacturers can communicate with each other.

Such a standard would be comparable to Bluetooth. This is also a wireless transmission option between devices from different manufacturers. However, at the World Smart Home Day it turned out that numerous manufacturers are struggling to establish a uniform wireless standard. They fear economic losses because consumers could then use devices from different manufacturers in one house.

Other interesting topics at World Smart Home Day

A very important topic is a secure energy supply. Enormous challenges are currently emerging in this area. If the entire smart home area is further expanded, this could definitely lead to a reduction in energy consumption. However, it is important for the components to be able to exchange data perfectly with each other. A uniform transmission standard would be enormous progress for this.

Furthermore, it is about the generation of electrical energy by means of photovoltaics. The problem is always that a lot of energy is often produced when not much is needed. It would therefore be important to temporarily store the electricity in batteries. If you don’t have your own energy storage device, you may also be able to use the batteries in your electric vehicle. At the World Smart Home Day, many interesting approaches were discussed in this regard.

It comes down to coordination

At the World Smart Home Day it was expressed quite clearly that there will be drastic changes in the area of ​​energy production and energy consumption in the next few years. Both private households and commercial enterprises can already produce a large part of the electricity they need themselves. The real problem, however, is that the consumption values ​​fluctuate greatly. That is why it will not be possible without central grid suppliers for a long time.

It is now a matter of finding technical solutions for how as much electrical energy as possible can be generated sustainably. At the same time, however, there should always be enough electricity available at all times.

For example, if everyone connects their electric vehicles to the power grid overnight to charge them, no energy flows from photovoltaic systems. It is therefore important to optimize smart home technology and consumer behavior.

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