Würth Elektronik introduces breakthrough IoT humidity sensor technology


The WSEN-HIDS humidity sensor introduced by Würth Elektronik represents a breakthrough in the world of Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology. With its compact size and affordable price, this sensor offers an impressive accuracy of ±1.8% relative humidity in the range of 20 to 80 percent. Its tiny DFN package measuring only 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.5 mm and ultra-low power consumption of just 0.4 µA make it an ideal choice for distributed IoT sensor networks, particularly in smart farming applications.

Würth Elektronik Introduces Innovative Moisture Sensor for IoT Applications

The Würth Elektronik humidity sensor utilizes an innovative dielectric polymer that interacts with water molecules, adjusting the permeability of a capacitor structure based on the relative humidity. It also includes a built-in temperature sensor. With the integrated analog-to-digital converter, both humidity and temperature measurements can be transmitted as 16-bit values directly to common microcontrollers via an I²C interface.

Würth Elektronik’s humidity sensor ensures accurate measurements in challenging conditions

The Würth Elektronik humidity sensor is equipped with an additional heating element that has three selectable heating levels. This feature ensures that the sensor can effectively operate in demanding environmental conditions and prevents measurements from being distorted by condensation. The heating element can be temporarily activated as needed to maintain optimal performance.

Würth Elektronik’s Moisture Sensor: Reliable Solution for Various Industries

The humidity sensor by Würth Elektronik has a wide range of applications in various industries. It can be used in climate control systems, data loggers in the food industry, as well as in smart buildings and vertical farming. This sensor offers a reliable solution for precise environmental condition control. It is readily available in any quantity from stock.

Accelerate development process with Würth Elektronik’s Sensor FeatherWing and IoT-Development Kits

Würth Elektronik offers the moisture sensor as part of the Sensor FeatherWing and IoT Development Kits to accelerate the development process. This makes rapid prototyping easier for developers, allowing them to quickly and easily create prototypes for their IoT applications.

Würth Elektronik introduces breakthrough IoT sensor technology

The new humidity sensor from Würth Elektronik represents a significant breakthrough in IoT sensor technology. Its precise humidity measurement, combined with integrated temperature sensing and an additional heating element, make it an outstanding solution for IoT applications that require accurate environmental control. Its versatility and support for rapid prototyping make it an indispensable tool for developers. Würth Elektronik has once again demonstrated their leadership in IoT sensor technology.

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