Xplain Data enables data-driven analysis on Raspberry Pi 4 with ObjectAnalytics 2.1


Xplain Data enables data-driven analysis on Raspberry Pi 4 with ObjectAnalytics 2.1. This innovative software opens up new possibilities for data processing and analysis on the popular mini-computer, allowing users to perform complex data analytics directly on the Raspberry Pi 4.

ObjectAnalytics Database: An Efficient Solution for Data-Driven Analysis

The efficiency of software is often demonstrated by how well it performs on small hardware. In this regard, Xplain Data GmbH is delighted to announce that the latest version 2.1 of the ObjectAnalytics database can now run on a Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB. This achievement provides seamless coverage across the entire spectrum: from a small Raspberry Pi to a server with 128 Cores and more, the Xplain ObjectAnalytics database scales effortlessly, allowing for the rapid analysis of billions of prescriptions and diagnoses, such as in the healthcare sector, to identify cause-and-effect relationships.

ObjectAnalytics Database Enables Holistic Business Object Examination

In contrast to conventional relational databases, ObjectAnalytics stores all information about a business object in an object-centric data structure. This means that, for example, all information related to an individual patient is available within a single “object instance.” This innovative approach simplifies data management and enables more efficient data retrieval and analysis, making it a valuable asset for businesses dealing with complex datasets.

Thanks to this object-centric representation, complex queries that analyze relationships between different sub-objects can be executed with high speed. Algorithms that were previously cumbersome to implement can now be easily applied, opening up entirely new possibilities for innovative and previously unimaginable analysis algorithms.

ObjectAnalytics: Enabling Diverse Use Cases with Scalable Data Integration and AI Embedding

The ObjectAnalytics database allows retrieving data from various sources and linking them as sub-objects or even recursively. The current experiment on the Raspberry Pi impressively demonstrates the scalability of the Xplain Data technology, which covers a wide range of platforms from Raspberry Pi devices to high-performance clusters.

The software’s ability to run on small systems opens up the possibility of embedding small intelligent AI modules in a wide range of environments – whether it’s in mobile devices, car control units, or server farms in Iceland. This versatility allows for the deployment of intelligent solutions tailored to various needs and settings.

“I am impressed by how well this tiny device functions as a robust tool for testing and experimenting with various DevOps-related operations such as networking, deployment, Docker, Kubernetes, GraalVM, etc., on real physical Linux hardware,” said Peide Wang, Chief Technology Officer of Xplain Data GmbH.

Streamlined IoT Projects with Data-Driven Analysis

With this successful deployment, Xplain Data GmbH takes data-driven analytics to a new level, enabling users to harness the benefits of object-oriented database architecture on this cost-effective platform for various IoT projects. The seamless coverage across a wide range of devices, from small gadgets to powerful servers, makes ObjectAnalytics 2.1 an efficient and scalable solution for enterprises seeking innovative and high-performance data analysis. By integrating data from diverse sources and offering the capability to analyze complex relationships, the ObjectAnalytics database opens up new horizons for data-driven decision-making, providing a 360-degree view of business objects. The future of data-driven innovations looks promising as Xplain Data continues to make its technology accessible on even more platforms, unlocking the full potential of data-driven projects.

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