Zenner presents latest digital measurement technology for water and gas at Enlit Europe 2023


Zenner International GmbH & Co. KG is set to showcase their latest innovations in digital measurement technology for water and gas, as well as smart building solutions with the Internet of Things (IoT) at Enlit Europe 2023 in Paris. With the increasing digitization and focus on climate neutrality, energy providers and network operators face significant challenges. However, Zenner offers the necessary solutions to overcome these challenges.

Zenner presents digital measurement technology for precise water consumption

Zenner’s digital metering technology, showcased at Enlit Europe 2023, is a crucial solution for accurate water consumption measurement, in line with the national water strategy. The IUW and IUWS water meters offer maximum precision combined with cutting-edge communication technology. These meters can transmit data through Wireless M-Bus or LoRaWAN, enabling seamless integration with the Internet of Things. With over 7 million devices already connected to Zenner’s LoRaWAN network, this digital solution has proven to be highly robust and adaptable. The LoRaWAN network is already available in 15 countries.

Zenner introduces innovative gas meters at Enlit Europe 2023

Zenner, a global leader in gas meter manufacturing, introduces their latest innovation, the Bellows Gas Meters G4 and G6, at Enlit Europe 2023. These meters combine cutting-edge technology with exceptional reliability and safety. They are equipped with communication capabilities and offer cost-effective solutions. Furthermore, Zenner’s gas meters can be retrofitted for integration with a Smart Meter Gateway, ensuring compliance with the regulations on energy transition digitization.

Zenner’s Extensive Experience in Smart City IoT Projects

Zenner has a wealth of experience in the field of Smart City and wireless technologies, with over 350 successful IoT projects under their belt. They have been at the forefront of utilizing communication protocols such as LoRaWAN and Wireless M-Bus, which are specifically designed for IoT applications. In a Smart City context, the focus is no longer on whether to use LoRaWAN, but rather on which solutions can be implemented using this technology. Zenner’s expertise allows for the seamless scaling of existing solutions like Smart Metering, as well as the easy integration of new IoT solutions such as CO2 monitoring.

Visit Zenner at booth 7.2.G140 from November 28th to 30th at Enlit Europe 2023 to experience their live demonstrations of cutting-edge products and solutions in digital metering technology and smart building solutions. Discover how Zenner can equip you with the tools you need for a sustainable and efficient future of energy consumption.

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