ZF unveils affordable electronic control unit for automated parking


The recently introduced Parking ECU by ZF, an electronic control unit for automated parking, combines real-time data from cameras and ultrasonic sensors to enable a wide range of automated parking functions. Its optimized and scalable design makes it suitable for various types of vehicles, providing enhanced convenience and efficiency in parking.

ZF’s New Electronic Control Unit Makes Automated Parking Affordable

The introduction of ZF’s new electronic control unit for automated parking is set to revolutionize the automotive industry by making this highly sought-after comfort feature accessible to a wider range of car buyers. With parking spaces becoming increasingly scarce in urban areas, the advanced technology of this control unit ensures that automated parking functions are not only safe and effective but also affordable for drivers worldwide.

ZF’s Parking ECU: From Easy Parking to Automated Driving

The Parking ECU from ZF is a versatile and high-performance electronic control unit that offers a wide range of automated parking functionalities. It combines advanced vision technology from CalmCar with ultrasonic sensors to provide a 360-degree environment detection capability. With its impressive computing power of up to 16 trillion calculations per second, this control unit can seamlessly support various parking tasks, from simple parking spot search to fully automated parking maneuvers.

The new control unit features a variety of automotive interfaces such as CAN, Ethernet, and LVDS, allowing for continuous software updates and the addition of new functionalities through Over-the-Air (OTA) updates. This ensures that the control unit remains up-to-date and compliant with the latest requirements for future compatibility and cyber-security.

ZF’s new control unit offers advanced parking features

The new ZF control unit not only supports basic parking functions, such as parallel parking, but also offers high-end features. These include “Automated Memorized Parking” (AMP) with user-individualized saved parking locations, as well as automated, driverless “Automated Valet Parking” (AVP) via a smartphone app. These functions are particularly advantageous in urban areas and tight parking garages, as the control unit uses its sensors to create a real-time virtual map of the parking structure, enabling completely driverless parking.

Flexible and scalable architecture enables advanced parking features for mass-market vehicles

The flexible and scalable architecture of the new electronic control unit for automated parking allows for future level-4 driving functions and compatibility with assistance systems such as “Automated Park Assist,” “Automated Memorized Parking,” and “Remote Park Assist.” This means that even vehicles in the compact and mid-size segments can benefit from these functions, which were previously only available in luxury vehicles. This makes automated parking affordable and accessible to a wide range of customers.

ZF’s Parking ECU: Leading the Way in Automated Parking Technology

The Parking ECU from ZF has been in serial production since September 2023 in the Asia-Pacific region, with Zeekr being the first customer to use it. ZF’s expansion to Europe and other regions in 2024 highlights the company’s commitment to providing a wider range of advanced driver assistance functions and solidifies its position as a global technology leader in the field of automated parking systems.

ZF’s New Electronic Parking Control Unit: Bringing Automated Parking to the Masses

The new electronic control unit for automated parking by ZF offers numerous benefits for drivers worldwide. With its automated parking functions, including driverless parking and individually stored parking options, it enables convenient and efficient parking, especially in tight parking spaces and urban areas. The affordable and versatile application of this control unit makes automated parking accessible to a wide range of users. ZF reaffirms its position as a leading technology provider with this innovative product, demonstrating its commitment to forward-thinking driver assistance systems.

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