Bell IoT: Smart Supply Chain as-a-service launched


Bell IoT presents the launch of Smart Supply Chain. The as-a-service solution for fleet and supply chain operators combines multiple data sets on one dashboard, which can be controlled via Bell’s Self-Service Center.

Supply Chains for all

Over the decades, people almost everywhere in the industrially developed world have become increasingly accustomed to having access to all products at all times. Few people are aware of the enormous logistical efforts and technological masterpieces that lie behind these services. Goods from all corners of the world are finding their way ever faster and in ever better quality to the markets of customers spoiled by an abundant supply.

In order for this to be possible at all, an increasingly complex system of supply chains has developed in the background, which strives to constantly increase its efficiency. Products are supposed to reach their destinations as quickly as possible, while complying with constantly changing legal regulations and customer wishes. Increasingly price- and trend-conscious consumers, as well as increasingly efficiency-oriented companies, are intensifying the pressure to optimize ever further here.

IoT supply chain for more control

Manufacturers and suppliers are aware that in order to continue to exist under these increasing pressures, they are forced to constantly adapt to technical innovations. A few years ago, it was sufficient for the ordered goods to arrive as undamaged as possible and approximately on time. Today, high-tech is required to be able to deal with any problems on the delivery routes in good time. State-of-the-art sensors on items, vehicles and drivers, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications check compliance with previously agreed guidelines at increasingly tightly timed intervals. Supply chains and fleet operators are increasingly becoming data managers and administrators in the course of this development.

Bell IoT Smart Supply Chain for more transparency

Trading and transport companies worldwide have been focusing on supply chain visibility not only since the Corona Lockdowns and the Suez Canal Blockade. The interest in obtaining all data about the condition of products and their current location is very important for production planning and other areas. The lynchpin of this need is the further spread and expansion of real-time measurements and a simultaneous reduction in the complexity of the data transmitted in the process.

Bell IoT-Smart Connect aims to satisfy this clients need through its latest service Bell IoT Smart Supply Chain. The as-a-service solution provides companies with comprehensive insights about vehicles, trailers, drivers and the goods being transported onto one dashboard. Bell’s own LTE network, which covers large parts of the U.S. and Canada, ensures smooth transmission of the collected data via its IoT cloud platform.

Bell IoT SmartSupply Chain Functions

Bell enables SmartSupplyChain customers to guarantee a cold chain, i.e. keeping the cold chain of perishable products intact. Temperatures of the deliveries are automatically recorded and transmitted during transport. If there are minimal deviations, near-real-time alarms ensure that the problem is solved promptly. Furthermore, Bell’s solution includes a driver scorecard, which uses a combination of telemetry and video analysis to monitor the behavior of drivers and their teams. In addition, it enables customers to keep track of their entire fleets and optimize them to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.


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