Superplum: IoT cooling systems for modern supply chains


Superplum, a New Delhi-based startup has developed Fresherator, an innovative IoT solution for food refrigeration. It aims to help reduce the huge food waste in India.

Only two percent fresh produce in the cold chain

Although India is one of the largest producers of fruits, the country still imports more than it exports. Unlike other products such as spices or vegetables, fruit cannot be transported indefinitely. The lack of a stable cold chain means that most of the crop spoils for a long time before it makes it to the end consumer. The Superplum CEO estimates that about only two percent of produce is transported in constantly refrigerated supply chains.

Superplum: fresh fruit for all

The founder of Superplum would like to change this state of affairs. He believes that everyone should have access to fresh fruit at all times and in all places. That’s why the company wants to combine proven agricultural knowledge with technological progress. The goal is to build the first modern supply chain for agricultural products in the country. It should not only enable less food to be wasted. The food is also to be made safer through various processes. In addition, this form of distribution can also lay the foundation for fairer pay for farmers using IoT.

Fresherator: IoT containers for controlled conditions

Superplum, for its Fresherator solution, has equipped containers with Internet of Things technology that is controlled via mobile communications. The containers are designed to deliver a controlled environment for fresh produce when mounted on standard trucks. The containers can hold four to seven tons of fruit and keep it fresh for four weeks. This is made possible by IoT technology that allows environmental parameters to be regulated remotely. Not only can the temperature conditions inside be controlled as needed. The humidity level, oxygen content and ethylene saturation can also be adjusted.

FreshManager: Safe food

With FreshManager, Superplum has also developed a platform designed to ensure fruit safety better than ever before. On the one hand, it enables product traceability. For example, the company carries out increased checks on production sites and end products. Multi-stage safety procedures are designed to ensure that pesticide contamination of the fruit and the soil on which it grows is continually reduced.

Better pay for farmers

The startup also promises its farming partners better pay than before. The agri-product traceability platform enables Superplum to pay its suppliers through the network and even share in the profits. The development of the new supply chain also allows the startup to pay higher producer prices than local buyers because it is nationwide.

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