High-performance Edge Controllers for Industrial Automation Applications


AMC’s extensive portfolio of Edge controllers offers high computational power and maximum flexibility for industrial automation applications. The UNO-100 and UNO-300 series, with their scalability, are perfectly suited for real-time monitoring, data management, and PC-based data acquisition and control. Edge computing is currently one of the most exciting technology topics, and AMC’s controllers are at the forefront of this innovation.

AMC offers comprehensive infrastructure solutions for IoT applications

The extensive infrastructure provision for IoT applications is a key factor for success. With the increasing focus on real-time processing in the front-end, edge computing and analysis functions aim to optimize time and computing costs. To meet these requirements, AMC offers various edge intelligence solutions that integrate software and hardware for specific edge applications, enabling better management and maintenance of intelligent applications in the network.

The UNO-100/300 Series is known for its exceptional robustness and security features. Designed with efficiency in mind, these edge controllers ensure seamless upgrades without any downtime, making them perfect for a wide range of smart factory applications and edge solutions. Most models also comply with IEC61010-1 safety requirements and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +60 °C.

The UNO-100/300 series offers exceptional expandability with a wide range of expansion slots in the mPCIe format, as well as PCI(e) slots (only available in UNO-348) for additional analog or digital input/output channels and/or interface extensions. This allows for easy integration of various modules and devices, making it a versatile solution for industrial automation applications.

The ultra-robust UNO-137 is a standout option that can be equipped with an optional 2nd stack expansion kit. This kit supports iDoor technology, allowing for the integration of additional industrial fieldbuses, wireless communication, I/O, and peripheral modules. With iDoor, users can select different protocols without the need to purchase extra devices with unused functions.

The ultra-compact UNO-127 is designed to excel in edge control tasks, serving as the perfect gateway for seamless data connectivity between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) systems. In the era of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), there is an increasing need for stronger integration between OT and IT to achieve enterprise-wide benefits through fast data and information exchange.

The UNO-148 and UNO-348 systems provide support for Out-of-Band management (OOB) with iBMC remote control. This technology offers a secure and dedicated alternative to access an IT network infrastructure and manage connected devices and IT assets without the use of the corporate LAN. The iBMC technology also enables remote recovery after a system crash, eliminating the need for on-site maintenance and ensuring continuous system availability. The WISE-DeviceOn software platform allows comprehensive access.

Real-Time Edge Controllers play a vital role in the industry by enabling faster, better, and more relevant real-time communication between enterprise systems and factory automation devices. The UNO-148 is a high-performance DIN-rail IIoT controller that supports TSN functionality, allowing for time-synchronized applications. It also serves as an optimal platform for real-time virtualization, enabling the execution of various real-time operating systems or instances of the same operating system on different CPU cores. This versatility makes the UNO-148 a powerful solution for demanding industrial applications.

AMC is a reliable partner offering a wide range of innovative components for future projects. With our scalable and flexible edge controllers, we provide high performance and maximum flexibility for industrial automation applications. Our UNO-100/300 series ensures robustness and security, with the ability to operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C. The series also offers extensive expandability, supporting various expansion slots for additional input/output channels and interface extensions. Contact us for personalized advice and support at info@amc-systeme.de or +0371/383880.

High-performance and flexible solutions for industrial automation applications

  • The UNO-100/300 series offers scalable performance and maximum flexibility for industrial automation applications
  • The UNO-100/300 series offers high durability and security
  • The UNO-100/300 series offers extensive expandability for additional input/output channels and interfaces
  • The iDoor technology enables integration of additional industrial fieldbuses and communication modules
  • The UNO-127 serves as a seamless gateway between OT and IT systems, ensuring smooth data connectivity
  • The Out-of-Band management with iBMC remote control provides secure and dedicated network administration
  • Real-time features enhance communication for faster response
  • The UNO-148 supports TSN functions for synchronized applications
  • The UNO-148 offers a powerful and reliable platform for real-time virtualization, allowing for seamless execution of multiple real-time operating systems
  • AMC is a trusted partner providing innovative components for future projects

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