InstaDeep: BioNTech invests in AI specialists


InstaDeep, a developer AI solutions was able to secure $100 million in a donor conference with BioNTech, DB Digital Ventures and Google, among others, to expand its existing research areas.

InstaDeep: AI for biotech, logistics and electrical industries

InstaDeep announced that it will first use the acquired fresh capital to expand its equipment in high-performance computing (HPC). In addition, the recruitment of new promising personnel is on the agenda.

The new staff will be used to accelerate the company’s proprietary innovations in the biotechnology, transportation, logistics and electrical engineering production sectors. There are also plans to expand the company’s own global activities to the American market, which is not yet as busy.

InstaDeep and BioNTech: AI against common diseases

InstaDeep and its current sponsor BioNTech are working together in an innovation lab for artificial intelligence (AI). The main aim here is to develop novel immunotherapies against the most common human ailments. Furthermore, a corona variant detection center has also been created here.

BioNTech and InstaDeep: AI against corona mutations

A Ki-based early warning system developed here can detect more than 90 percent of Covid 19 mutations that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers dangerous. So far, about 70,000 variants of the virus have been identified. And that’s about two months earlier than the competition. The Omicron version was also detected here after the corresponding sequence became accessible.

Instadeep: AI cooperation with Deutsche Bahn and Google

Parallel to the collaboration with BioNTech, InstaDeep is also developing other products with Google and the German railroad. There have already been various releases with Google Ai and DeepMind, and InstaDeep is working with Deutsche Bahn on Moonshot, a development for automated train planning.

InstaDeep: EMEA AI integrator

Founded in 2014, InstaDeep is one of the leading developers of AI solutions in the European, African and Middle Eastern (EMEA) economic region. In addition to its headquarters in London, it also has branches in Paris, Cape Town, Lagos, Dubai and Tunis. Through its expertise in artificial intelligence, deep and reinforcement learning, and GPU-accelerated computing, it can provide hands-on technology integration assistance to interested companies.

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