ITQ GmbH: mobile Google Cloud Demonstrator at Hanover Fair


ITQ GmbH has built a Google Cloud demonstrator together with SOTEC. The aim is to illustrate the principle of the Google Cloud for a broad audience. For example, the latest Google Cloud solution Manufacturing Data Engine and Connect enables an engineer in smart manufacturing to use all data efficiently. Using the example of a miniature factory for individualized chip manufacturing, the demonstrator shows how productivity and processes can be improved with the help of the AI-based solution.

Google Cloud Demonstrator as another milestone of Education 4.0 approach

At Hannover Messe 2022, the mobile Google Cloud Demonstrator completed its first successful deployment. Six junior engineers from ITQ GmbH built it together with colleagues from SOTEC within five months.

Dr. Rainer Stetter, Managing Director of ITQ GmbH, says: “The project is another milestone in our Education 4.0 approach. We enable young people to work independently on highly challenging projects. In this way, we want to enable young people to independently shape a sustainable future.”

Google Cloud welcomes collaboration with ITQ GmbH

In a playful way, the demonstrator illustrates how manufacturing engineers can use Google’s cloud technologies to bring together all the data of a smart factory and process it efficiently. The demonstrator was built on the basis of the Learning Factory 4.0 from fischertechnik and a Sawyer cobot from Rethink Robotics.

Users experience the functionalities of visual inspection, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, analytics & insights as well as traceability of an intelligent manufacturing. Julian Geiger, Staff Solution Manager at Google Cloud, explains: “ITQ’s concept for the Google Cloud Demonstrator convinced us right from the start.

The demonstrator setup was a real eye-catcher and received a great response at the Hannover Messe. We were also impressed by the underlying educational approach and the playful presentation of a highly technological topic.”

How the Google Cloud Demonstrator works

To start the demo, the user must first place a workpiece in an input area. This is a chip. This is individually marked by the user with a colored pen. Visual Inspection is used to check the quality of the workpiece.

An artificial intelligence recognizes the markings and calculates a defect score on this basis. The chip is then transported to the warehouse and retrieval takes place at the push of a button via an order display. During the retrieval process, anomaly detection and predictive maintenance use cases are displayed.

Finally, the cobot hands the individualized chip back to the visitor. The central process data of the chip are presented on an output overview. The individual data from the Google Cloud is available directly after scanning a QR code on the tablet or smartphone.

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