Nutanix: Multicloud computing on the rise


Nutanix, a developer of hybrid multi-cloud technology computing, has unveiled its latest Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI). The fourth edition of the global survey assesses the state of cloud adoption in enterprises.

ECI: The present and future of cloud adoption

The latest edition of the ECI report surveyed 1700 IT deployers about their cloud usage. The respondents were recruited from companies of various sizes and locations on all continents. Topics included potential challenges of cloud offerings, current applications, and future expectations. Possible consequences of the current pandemic development also came up. The interviewees were asked to provide information on how the current situation affects their decisions regarding IT priorities, structures and strategies in the past, present and future.

Multi clouds: a growing trend

The findings state that users are increasingly choosing multi-clouds today. This is part of their increasingly strategic IT use. The reason given by 83 percent of them was that they consider this model to be particularly suitable in terms of aspects of security, data integration, interoperability and costs. Projections based on this research suggest that in the next three years, this trend is realistic to increase to 64 percent.

Challenges of multi-clouds

Among respondents, 49 percent said they considered security management to be the biggest challenge with multiclouds. Another 49 percent additionally named data integration. And 43 felt that cost was a defining element. However, the management of technology could prove to be an obstacle on this path.

For example, 87 percent of respondents said they would like to see easier management of cross-border cloud use. Hybrid multi-clouds appear to be the most common solution here. The mixed structure of many private and company clouds is increasingly characterized by increased interoperability.

More flexible working with multi-clouds

61 percent mentioned that the pandemic had led them to develop more flexible working options. Multi cloud technology would provide very good and, above all, supportive help in this regard. Many assume that the accompanying increased teleworking will not be a short-lived development, but rather a permanent fixture. This is made possible by the versatile structure of the technology.

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