Analog Devices GmbH: Precise signal chains with medium bandwidth for LTspice simulations and sensors


Industrial applications as well as demanding measurement tasks become possible with the new platform from Analog Devices GmbH. Precise signal chains provide improved system performance up to about 500 kHz.

Individual solution options and perfect design work by Analog Devices GmbH

Analog Devices GmbH ensures improved system performance thanks to precise signal chains on the new platform. The solution options offered there are customizable and capable of simplifying LTspice simulations. The development tools required for this have been carefully selected, and system performance has been significantly improved.

Now systems can be realized that can process the signals of different measurement and sensor modalities. The signal chains required for this purpose have been specially designed for high measurement accuracy and an equally high time and frequency range. Temperature and pressure sensors as well as IEPE vibration and acceleration transducers have been revised accordingly.

Furthermore, the signal chains are not only suitable for demanding measurement tasks, but also for creating a reliable design. Condition-based monitoring, position and motor control as well as data acquisition via different channels and in a decentralized structure are just a few examples of the tasks that can be handled by the new platform.

Precision medium-bandwidth signal chains and their characteristics

Not only do the signal chains operate with the highest precision, but they also bring other positive features. High AC and DC accuracy, high channel density and various scaling options for AC accuracy exemplify the advantages of precision medium-bandwidth signal chains. If the resolution is optimized and amplified, a wide range of sensor bandwidths can provide the required accuracy.

This is specified by the manufacturer Analog Devices for LTspice simulations and others between 16 and 24 bits. The system prioritizes between performance, signal width and noise performance, and simple software updates should allow for optimal layouts and different applications of the circuits. By allowing higher channel densities, or having the options to do so, very precise measurements can be better scaled. In addition, centralized scenarios with many channels are possible.

About Analog Devices GmbH

Analog Devices GmbH is regarded as a leading semiconductor manufacturer and is known throughout the world in this position. The company is not only causing a stir with the latest news for LTspice simulations, but also with numerous groundbreaking developments that allow the digital and physical worlds to be connected. To achieve this, digital, analog and software technologies are combined to create new solutions.

They are all capable of advancing digital healthcare as well as the field of mobility and production in factories. Analog Devices has made it its goal to do something for the environment in addition to new solutions and advanced technology. Climate change is to be actively combated, and people around the world are also to be connected.

In the meantime, the company is looking at growing success figures: In fiscal year 2022, sales topped 12 billion U.S. dollars, and more than 24,000 people work for Analog Devices. The number of customers is currently around 125,000. The company always wants to be one step ahead – and so far it seems to be succeeding.


Prices and availabilities of precision medium bandwidth signal chain platform
Product Availability Description Price Packaging
AD7768-1 Instant DC to 204 kHz, dynamic signal analysis, precision 24-bit ADC with power scaling 7.32 USD 28-lead LFCSP (4 mm x 5 mm x 0.75 mm with EP)
AD8605 Instant Precision, low noise, CMOS, RRIO operational amplifier (single) 0.90 USD 5-wire SOT-23
ADA4807-1 Sofort Zero-Drift, Single-Supply, Rail-to-Rail 1,28 USD 6-adriger SC70
ADAQ4003 Sofort 18-Bit, 2 MSPS, μModul-Datenerfassungslösung 23,49 USD 49-Kugel-CSPBGA (7 mm x 7 mm)
LTC2606 Sofort 16-Bit-Rail-to-Rail-DACs mit I 2 C-Schnittstelle 3,41 USD 10-adriges DFN (3 mm x 3 mm mit EP)
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