MOVEit Security Risks: Data Breach at Lebensversicherung von 1871


The recent events surrounding the data breach in the Transfer-Software MOVEit once again highlight the significance of data security. More and more companies are facing security vulnerabilities that enable cyber-criminals to access sensitive information. The Life Insurance Company of 1871 is now also affected by this security incident and actively informs its customers about the extent of the data breach. This underscores the need for robust security measures to protect sensitive data and safeguard consumers from potential risks.

Unraveling the Background of Data Breach at Lebensversicherung 1871

Cyber-criminals exploited security vulnerabilities in the Transfer-Software MOVEit used by the service provider “Majorel Deutschland GmbH,” resulting in a significant data breach at the Lebensversicherung von 1871. Riester contracts’ sensitive data, including first names, last names, addresses, and phone numbers, were accessed and stolen. The life insurance company reassured that bank account details were not compromised. However, there remains a risk of these stolen data being used for fraudulent purposes and phishing attacks targeting consumers.

Legal Aspects of Data Leaks: Compensation Claims

The current legal framework makes it clear that individuals affected by data breaches are entitled to compensation. A groundbreaking privacy ruling by the European Court of Justice strengthens consumer rights and enables significant compensation in cases of privacy violations. Companies are liable for material and immaterial damages resulting from data breaches, even if they occur at external service providers such as MOVEit.

Recurring Security Issue: Data Leak at LV von 1871 Involving MOVEit

Once again, the data leak issue is closely associated with the MOVEit software. The Lebensversicherung von 1871 is informing its customers about the security risk at their service provider and the stolen data. The main focus is on protecting consumers and preventing further fraudulent activities with the stolen information.

Data Breach bei Lebensversicherung: Entwendete Daten

The stolen data includes contract information, addresses, names, and data according to § 92 of the Income Tax Act. Fortunately, bank details and passwords were not affected. Nevertheless, the affected customers face a significant risk as the stolen data could be exploited by criminals for identity theft and fraudulent activities.

Safety Measures for Affected Customers

The life insurance company of 1871 advises its affected customers to be vigilant and critically question any suspicious phone calls or emails that request personal data such as bank connections. The insurance company emphasizes that they never request confidential information unsolicitedly. Affected customers are encouraged to inform the insurance company immediately in case of suspicious activities to initiate appropriate measures.

Escalating Threat: Hacker Attacks Targeting MOVEit

MOVEit, a transfer software developed by Progress Software Corp., is currently facing hacker attacks. Many service providers worldwide, including the German company Majorel, use this software for data transfers. Recent data leaks, including the incident at the Lebensversicherung von 1871, demonstrate a recurring pattern and emphasize the urgency of improving the protection of sensitive data.

Persistent Data Leaks: Addressing the Pattern

The accumulation of data leaks associated with MOVEit highlights a recurring pattern where attacks often do not target the company directly but rather its external service providers. Companies must collaborate closely with their service providers to detect and close security vulnerabilities promptly.

Exposed Companies: Impact of Data Breach

The Lebensversicherung von 1871 (Life Insurance of 1871) is just one of many companies that have been affected by data breaches. Prominent entities like Deutsche Bank, Postbank, and Verivox have also fallen victim to similar incidents. These occurrences underscore the need for comprehensive data security strategies and the implementation of measures to safeguard sensitive information. The stolen data could be exploited by cybercriminals for fraudulent activities, causing significant harm to both the affected consumers and the reputation of the involved companies. A proactive approach to data security is crucial to prevent such incidents and protect consumer trust.

Legal Implications of Data Leaks: Understanding the Jurisprudence

Persons affected by data breaches have a clear right to compensation according to the judiciary. German courts increasingly award damages in the four-digit range. The judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) strengthens consumer rights and increases the responsibility of companies regarding data protection violations.

Strengthened Compensation Claims for Affected Individuals

Consumers affected by the data breach are entitled to compensation if they have suffered demonstrable damages. The stolen data could be used by criminals in the future to harm the affected individuals directly. The law firm Dr. Stoll & Sauer offers affected customers a free initial consultation, providing support and outlining the options for claiming compensation.

Free initial consultation for affected consumers

Kanzlei Dr. Stoll & Sauer advises affected consumers to take advantage of the free initial consultation in the online check. The experts at the law firm provide comprehensive support and information on the possibilities and chances of compensation for the affected customers. Data protection is of central importance, and companies must do everything in their power to ensure the security of sensitive data.

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