Efficient communications for the IoT: spotlight on versatile Milesight UG65 and UG67 LoRaWAN gateways


Milesight’s new UG65 and UG67 LoRaWAN® gateways provide a versatile solution for comprehensive networking of buildings, enclosed areas and small towns. With the help of these gateways, a reliable LoRaWAN® wireless network can be established that enables the collection of sensor data. The gateways are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and serve as a base station for up to 2000 battery-powered wireless sensors or LoRa nodes. The number of supported devices can be flexibly adapted to the communication requirements of the end devices, which ensures high scalability and adaptability.

LoRaWAN® connectivity amplified: the UG65 gateway revolutionises the indoor environment

The UG65 is a highly reliable 8-channel LoRaWAN® gateway designed for both indoor and industrial use. It offers versatile mounting options, including wall, pole and desktop mounting. Thanks to its dustproof and waterproof features, the UG65 is able to meet the requirements of demanding industrial environments. It features powerful components such as 512 MB DDR4 RAM and an NXP 64-bit quad-core processor, which enable fast and efficient data processing. Using the Semtech SX1302 with SF5 & SF6 support, the UG65 offers increased capacity to handle data traffic while reducing power consumption. The gateway can receive data from up to 8 terminals simultaneously and supports up to 2000 terminals. The built-in collision avoidance system of the LoRaWAN® protocol ensures that no data conflicts occur when multiple devices want to send their data simultaneously.

10 km range in clear visibility, 2 km in urban environment”

The UG65 stands out in particular for its remarkable backhaul connectivity. With Ethernet, cellular and Wi-Fi, the device remains permanently connected to continuously deliver encrypted data. Thanks to these multiple connectivity options, the UG65 guarantees reliable and secure data transmission around the clock, regardless of the type of network available.

The UG65 gateway is characterised by its exceptional compatibility with various components and systems. It has an embedded network server that enables efficient data communication. It is also compatible with LoRa Basics™ Station and AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN®, which means it supports common protocols such as MQTT, HTTPS and more. This versatile compatibility also extends to mainstream network servers, giving the UG65 gateway a broad application capability.

UG67: The optimal choice for challenging outdoor missions”

The UG67 is a reliable and robust LoRaWAN® gateway for outdoor use. Thanks to its IP67 housing, it is optimally protected against dust and water and can withstand even extreme environmental conditions. By integrating the SX1302 LoRa chip and a powerful quad-core CPU, the UG67 offers impressive connectivity with more than 2000 nodes and reaches a range of up to 10 km. A special feature is the built-in high-capacity capacitor, which allows the gateway to continue to function and send an alarm for one minute in the event of a power failure. With these features, the UG67 Outdoor LoRaWAN® gateway is ideal for use in harsh outdoor environments.

The integration of real-time data into building management systems (BMS) is made possible by supporting BACnet/IP. BACnet/IP is a communication protocol that enables the smooth exchange of information between different devices and applications in a building. LoRaWAN® is used as a data channel to transmit the real-time data to the control applications. A particular advantage of this solution is that no changes are required to the BACnet protocol, network or existing BACnet-enabled devices and management systems.

The UG67 is a reliable and flexible device for data communication. Similar to the UG65, it supports various backhaul connectivities such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi and cellular to continuously transmit encrypted data. The device has antennas already integrated for LoRa, cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS. If required, signal coverage can be extended by connecting two external LoRa antennas. The UG67 has a built-in network server that supports Semtech’s latest packet forwarder. In addition, the unit is compatible with multiple network server platforms such as AWS, TTN, ChirpStack, Loriot, Senet, Actility and Everynet, providing a wide range of options for data processing and management.

The outstanding performance and extreme compatibility of both gateways are their main features. Their applicability is extremely diverse, as they can be used in both building management systems and smart farming applications. With their powerful processing capacity, they are able to handle and transmit large amounts of data efficiently, while their high compatibility ensures that they can be easily integrated with other components and systems, regardless of their technical requirements.

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