More control and flexibility: OPHEO 2023 optimises truck dispatching


With the annual release OPHEO 2023, the digital control system for truck dispatching presents itself in an improved version. The forward-looking planning and control of transports is optimised by innovative functions, while the newly developed connection to freight exchanges enables more efficient and profitable transport management.

Sustainable success through forward-looking planning and scheduling

The OPHEO 2023 release gives dispatchers a glimpse into the future of logistics planning. The innovative Predictive Planning feature is based on the award-winning OPHEO Forecasting algorithm and enables them to precisely calculate the estimated time of arrival (ETA). This allows them to identify potential bottlenecks and disruptions at an early stage and respond proactively to ensure smooth truck tours.

Using telematics and traffic information as well as driving times, the system enables real-time calculation of the estimated time of arrival (ETA). It automatically takes into account time shifts and ensures that remaining driving and working times are adhered to. With Predictive Planning, users can plan effectively and gain a competitive advantage even with complex dependencies between different tours or resources such as cross-docking and encounter traffic.

The future of freight management: Intelligent integration into exchange systems

OPHEO’s latest enhancement enables dispatchers to effortlessly post their orders on virtual freight exchanges or transfer them from there. In addition to managing orders efficiently, the system offers an intelligent function that automatically determines the optimal connecting route and calculates relevant information such as detour kilometers, total costs and potential revenue for the available freight. This approach enables dispatchers to transparently evaluate the contribution margin of each freight.

OPHEO enables users to use their capacities more efficiently and find additional loads and follow-up orders with the help of the integration of renowned freight exchanges such as TIMOCOM. By avoiding empty runs and making full use of the scheduling function, OPHEO helps users optimize their freight management. The company is striving to connect more freight exchange providers to provide users with expanded access.

Improved connectivity: new possibilities in messaging

OPHEO’s ongoing enhancements have led to the expansion of the notification dispatch. In addition to the existing notification options, users can now define additional trigger times to notify their customers of the current status via email or SMS when specific events occur or at desired times.

The integration of the Internet of Things enables companies to notify drivers in an automated way, inform customers about delays and send them messages about deliveries made and other information. This improved communication contributes to proactive and fully automated information for end customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Mobile Device Management: The Key to Effective Device Management

OPHEO MOBILE’s award-winning telematics and driver app enhances the transportation control center for OPHEO users. The new Mobile Device Management “OPHEO MDM powered by Samsung Knox” further enhances the management of OPHEO MOBILE devices by providing a user-friendly and efficient solution based on the Samsung Knox platform.

Device Management provides users with their own management portal through which they can configure all devices according to their individual requirements and maintain a clear overview at all times. The special kiosk mode protects the devices from misuse and abuse, while users have control over the approved apps and can launch them directly in OPHEO MOBILE. In case of theft, there is the possibility to block the devices in an uncomplicated way to prevent unauthorized access.

Smooth scheduling guaranteed thanks to home office option

Opheo is actively pursuing its cloud strategy, enabling dispatchers to use the OPHEO transport control center via the cloud and work from home. By using cloud solutions, companies can save significant hardware costs by eliminating the need for in-house servers and specialized hardware experts. Opheo relies on the reliable Microsoft Azure cloud platform to ensure data security and resilience. Implementation times when introducing the software into new customer projects are significantly reduced thanks to this innovative cloud solution.

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