Successful inauguration of the PHYTEC Technology Campus in Mainz Hechtsheim


The ceremonial opening of PHYTEC’s Technology Campus in Mainz Hechtsheim marks an important step for the globally active family-owned company. As an expert in embedded systems and smart technologies, PHYTEC has created a state-of-the-art research and development center with the Campus. Employees will benefit from the campus’ many opportunities and have ideal conditions to develop innovative solutions for the future.

Meticulous preparation leads to triumph

With the opening of the Technology Campus, PHYTEC has made significant progress in its ongoing research and development work in Germany. The company has consciously focused on interdisciplinary thinking and emphasizes the importance of climate neutrality. Thanks to thoughtful planning and successful implementation, PHYTEC was able to turn challenges into opportunities and achieve its goal after 8 years: the opening of the Technology Campus.

Workplace design with sustainability in mind

Climate neutrality in particular occupies an important place at PHYTEC and deserves special recognition. This is exemplified by the use of environmentally friendly building materials such as sustainable foam glass ballast as floor insulation and wood for roof elements and insulation. In addition, a healthy working environment for employees was created by choosing glass as the primary construction material for the building to ensure that natural daylight is available at every workstation.

Ambitious plans for a bright future

With the Technology Campus, PHYTEC has created an innovative platform to realize its visions in the areas of climate neutrality and employee well-being. The use of energy-saving microprocessors instead of conventional X86 processors demonstrates the company’s commitment to a sustainable future. The campus itself acts as a global hotspot for research and development, driving pioneering projects to promote a positive working environment and employee well-being.

Great success: Inauguration day and user forum

The 1st PHYTEC User Forum was held on the inauguration day and offered visitors a series of technical lectures and presentations. In small groups, visitors had the opportunity to explore the PHYTEC Technology Campus and gain insights into various areas such as software and hardware development, image processing, purchasing, sales and marketing. In their speeches, Clemens Hoch, Rhineland-Palatinate’s Minister for Science and Health, and Mayor Nino Haase emphasized the importance of the Technology Campus for Rhineland-Palatinate and the city of Mainz.

PHYTEC: A driving force in research

PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH is located in Mainz Hechtsheim and has specialized in the development of embedded systems and smart technologies since 1985. The company employs 370 people and offers customized hardware and software development for industry. The Technology Campus acts as headquarters and controls subsidiaries in America, India, France and China. Production takes place at the headquarters in Mainz. PHYTEC’s product range includes flexible modules for reliable electronics series products such as complete devices, single board computers, system on modules, camera modules and software. In 2022, around 1.1 million ARM-based embedded computers were produced.

Emerging market: PHYTEC convinces

The Technology Campus in Mainz Hechtsheim, opened by PHYTEC, marks a significant step forward for the company and its employees. PHYTEC has clearly focused on climate neutrality and employee well-being to usher in a promising future. As a global research and development hub, the campus offers ideal conditions for promising technologies and innovations. PHYTEC aims to achieve a turnover of 250 million euros by 2030 while keeping the goal of climate neutrality in mind. With the Technology Campus PHYTEC has created a solid basis to achieve these goals and to continue to be a leader in the development of embedded systems and technologies.

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