Energy self-sufficient and environmentally friendly: Sedotec drives sustainable innovations forward


Sedotec offers companies a comprehensive solution for using renewable energy and reducing their dependence on rising energy prices. The technology enables efficient integration of renewable energy into companies’ existing infrastructure, resulting in cost savings, improved environmental performance and increased energy independence.

Sedotec makes it easier to feed self-generated electricity into the grid with new field types

Sedotec has developed a groundbreaking solution for feeding self-generated electricity into the grid. With the introduction of two new field types, a standardised solution is offered that is fast, safe and sustainable. This innovation revolutionises the previous costly individual solutions and enables an efficient and reliable power supply.

The requirements for companies have changed greatly in recent years. In addition to complying with laws and regulations, they must also keep a close eye on developments in their market segment in order not to miss relevant trends. Cost optimisation plays a decisive role in order to be economically successful. At the same time, companies in the competitive environment have to keep an eye on their competitors in order to consolidate their position in the market and generate sustainable demand.

Marathon potential for the energy transition: Energy autonomy in the spotlight

The trend towards energy self-sufficiency is becoming more and more important as companies want to become independent of price fluctuations on the energy market. At the same time, they face the challenge of reducing their CO2 emissions, which is why many companies are thinking about generating renewable energy on their premises. Until now, it has often been technically difficult to feed the self-generated energy into the company’s own grid. However, in view of the strong increase in demand, there is now an urgent need for a standardised solution for feeding self-generated energy into the grid. Sedotec has responded to this demand and now proudly presents two new field types in its highly sustainable VAMOCON 1250 system, which significantly simplify the connection and metering of self-generated, renewable energy.

This trend will not be replaced quickly, but has the potential to create a long-lasting wave. Experts agree that it is just picking up speed and gaining momentum. In addition to the desire for stable and affordable energy prices, the focus is particularly on reducing or offsetting CO2 emissions in one’s own production to manufacture products. Sustainability and resource-saving management represent a long-term challenge for companies, as the state continues to place strong emphasis on the issue of climate neutrality and supports it through legal regulations. It is therefore not advisable to wait or try to avoid this trend.

Reducing CO2 emissions: How your own electricity makes a difference

Generating and using one’s own electricity in one’s own company is an important step towards climate neutrality and reducing the carbon footprint. An effective method for this is, for example, the use of a solar system with an energy storage system to not only manage peak loads and associated costs, but also to charge the company’s own electric vehicles. Once the decision has been made to produce one’s own electricity and use it in the company’s own network, a fast and trouble-free connection and feed-in is of great importance.

Sedotec has developed Vamocon, an award-winning kit system that enables efficient power distribution. The system was awarded the Control Panel Construction Innovation Award and offers customised solutions for connecting and feeding generated electricity into one’s own switchgear.

The path to simplification: innovative approaches to previous self-sufficiency solutions

In order to connect generation plants to the public grid, the standard requires a coupling switch as a disconnecting point in the form of a motor-driven circuit breaker. In TN-C or TN-S grids, three-pole circuit breakers should be used. In the past, two tie switches were often used in series, one controlled by the grid operator and one by the system operator. In modern photovoltaic systems, the inverters now take over the function of the second tripping path. The tie breaker is controlled by a central grid and plant protection (NA protection), which detects critical states of the grid and the generation plant, such as voltage fluctuations, frequency fluctuations and isolated operation of the generation plant without an external grid, and acts directly on the tie breaker.

One of the main tasks of the newly constructed generation plants is to support the power grid during short-term fluctuations and thus increase grid stability. As long as the voltages and the grid frequency remain within the normative limit curves, the generation plants must not be disconnected from the grid. Section-by-section transformer measurement is necessary to enable accurate billing with the grid operator.

Vamocon solution: On the way to becoming the industry’s standard solution”

Sedotec has developed an innovative solution with the new Vamocon field types to facilitate the integration of renewable energies into the power grid. In the transformer measuring field, current transformers can be installed on 250 mm transformer lugs to determine accurate measured values of the fed-in current for the EVU. The coupling field enables the fixed installation of circuit breakers up to 1250 A and the coupling of the main busbar with a second busbar system. The Vamocon system has been popular with planners and switchgear constructors for 15 years due to its flexibility and the possibility to choose between renowned manufacturers such as ABB, Schneider Electric and Siemens.

The flexibility is considerably increased by numerous options with Vamocon 1250. In addition, this product meets high requirements for the protection of persons and installations. This is ensured by the strict separation of the internal functional areas, especially between the busbar, the devices and the connections. Continuous internal subdivision according to Form 2b ensures that live areas are reliably protected against direct contact and the ingress of foreign bodies.

Making an impact: Climate protection and independence as the key to change

The two new fields can be conveniently customised via the Vamocad online configurator. Vamocad provides a platform for accessing the kit systems and offers extensive information such as parts lists, views and documents for the design verification. The generated data can be used for further processing in E-CAD systems, platforms and Building Information Modelling (BIM). The delivery of the Vamocon panels is partly removed with built-in copper rails, which facilitates the changeover.

The two new fields for feeding in renewable energy sources are a tailor-made addition to the Vamocon 1250 system when it comes to climate protection, energy saving, sustainability and CO2 avoidance. The integration of renewable energy sources significantly reduces CO2 emissions and makes an important contribution to protecting the environment. In addition, the integration ensures a more reliable and, in the long term, more cost-effective power supply, independent of highly fluctuating electricity prices.

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