Expanded possibilities with SPE-M12 hybrid interfaces for single pair Ethernet


The leading role of TE Connectivity, a renowned interconnect and sensor solutions company, in the development of the international electrotechnical standard IEC 63171-7 paves the way for faster adoption of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) interconnect technology in the industry. TE Connectivity’s active involvement will highlight the benefits of SPE and encourage industry to adopt this innovative technology to optimise their network infrastructure.

Optimise reliable data transmission with SPE-M12 hybrid interfaces

By implementing the international IEC 63171-7 standard, TE Connectivity can now introduce its state-of-the-art SPE-M12 hybrid interfaces into harsh industrial environments. These interfaces ensure a reliable and secure connection, opening up new opportunities for companies to use single pair Ethernet technology.

Industry gets versatile possibilities for optimisation

The SPE-M12 hybrid interfaces from TE Connectivity are a forward-looking solution for the demanding requirements of industry. With their transmission capacity for higher powers, they enable efficient integration into production systems. With their excellent performance, they are the perfect choice for use in robotic systems and servo as well as three-phase drives to optimise industrial processes and increase productivity.

Together for standards: TE Connectivity is committed

With its active role as a founding member of the SPE Industrial Partner Network, TE Connectivity has had a significant influence on the standardisation of the industry. Launched in May 2023, the IEC 63171-7 standard has already gained wide industry recognition and is being implemented by trade associations and companies worldwide. This standard defines hybrid interfaces in M12 format with SPE and power contacts, enabling easy integration into existing Ethernet infrastructures.

Performance optimisation through effortless plug-and-play connections

The SPE-M12 hybrid interfaces set new standards in terms of performance, flexibility and integration. By separating the pins for data and power transmission, they enable the operation of powerful devices with up to 11 kW and 16 A. In addition, they offer a plug-and-play function that enables smooth integration into existing networks. The hybrid configuration according to the IEC 63171-7 standard also opens up a wider range of options for network-based power distribution compared to conventional point-to-point connections.

Milestone for the industry: A great success

A major step for the industry is taken with the introduction of the Single Pair Ethernet standard and SPE-M12 hybrid interfaces from TE Connectivity. This technology enables higher performance in industrial environments, leading to improved efficiency and productivity. The easy integration into existing infrastructures and the versatile application possibilities make this technology a promising solution for companies. TE Connectivity’s commitment to standardisation has significantly accelerated the adoption of the Single Pair Ethernet standard in industry. The future of industrial networking will be even faster and more reliable thanks to this innovation.

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