SMC Deutschland GmbH joins ctrlX World, expanding automation offerings


SMC Deutschland GmbH joins the ctrlX World as its 100th partner, expanding the offerings of the ctrlX AUTOMATION automation kit and providing new opportunities for users. As the first pneumatic provider to join, SMC brings their expertise to enhance the automation solutions available. At the Hannover Messe, seven companies from the expanding ctrlX World partner network, including SMC, will be showcasing their offerings at the Bosch Rexroth booth in Hall 6, Stand D26.

Bosch Rexroth expands ctrlX AUTOMATION with SMC’s pneumatic and electric solutions

The ctrlX AUTOMATION automation system by Bosch Rexroth offers a comprehensive range of components for complete automation solutions, including controllers, I/Os IPCs, HMIs, drives, and safety solutions, as well as extensive motion, PLC, and IoT functionalities. The ctrlX World partner ecosystem continuously expands the solution space with hardware and, notably, apps. With the addition of pneumatic and electric automation solutions from SMC, users can now benefit from a wider range of options for their automation needs.

The partnership between SMC Deutschland GmbH and Bosch Rexroth expands the capabilities of the ctrlX AUTOMATION system by offering seamless integration of sensors and actuators for pneumatic applications. With the ability to connect through IO-Link or EtherCAT, users in industries such as automotive, packaging, and process can easily incorporate pneumatic inputs from the shop floor into their automation environment. This partnership provides a simplified and efficient solution for integrating pneumatic components into the ctrlX AUTOMATION system.

The integration of the EX260 valve island and the JXC controller from SMC with ctrlX OS devices via EtherCAT allows for easy control of airflows both inside and outside the machine. Additionally, compact electric drive functions can be implemented and integrated. With the Linux-based ctrlX OS operating system, seamless integration into the overall machine concept is possible. This enables efficient and streamlined automation processes in various industrial applications.

The integration of the SMC electric drive with ctrlX OS devices brings significant advantages. By connecting the JXC controller via EtherCAT, users can access real-time information about the drive (LE) and easily set up new positions directly from a ctrlX OS device.

Continuous growth of partner network simplifies industrial automation processes

The partner ecosystem surrounding our automation construction kit is continuously expanding, with 100 partner companies from various industries joining us. Our shared goal is to simplify and enhance the different processes of industrial automation. This includes providing apps for robot integration, AI solutions, and tools for energy management. Through our platform and partner ecosystem, we can address all challenges, whether simple or complex, in the field of industrial automation.

Bosch Rexroth presents ctrlX World partners at Hannover Messe

At the Hannover Messe, Bosch Rexroth is showcasing its presence in Hall 6, Stand D26, alongside a diverse range of ctrlX World partners. These partners include Arduino Pro by Arduino s.r.l., GEFAZ mbH, Intel Deutschland GmbH, VMware by Broadcom, VEIL Energy BCorp, and XITASO GmbH. Additionally, the ctrlX OS OEM Partner, Dell Technologies, will be presenting its solutions at the Rexroth stand. This collaborative exhibition highlights the extensive network and collaborative efforts of Bosch Rexroth in the automation industry.

Bosch Group is a globally recognized technology and service company with approximately 428,000 employees worldwide (as of December 31, 2023). In the fiscal year 2023, the company generated a revenue of €91.6 billion. The company’s activities are divided into four business sectors: Mobility, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. As a leading provider in the Internet of Things (IoT), Bosch offers innovative solutions for Smart Home, Industry 4.0, and Connected Mobility. Bosch’s vision is to achieve sustainable, secure, and inspiring mobility.

With its expertise in sensor technology, software development, and cloud-based services, Bosch is able to provide its customers with integrated and cross-domain solutions. The strategic goal of the company is to offer products and solutions for connected living, which either utilize artificial intelligence (AI) or are developed and manufactured with its assistance. Bosch’s innovative and inspiring products and services contribute to improving the quality of life worldwide. Bosch truly delivers “technology for life”.

The Bosch Group, consisting of the Robert Bosch GmbH and its approximately 470 subsidiary and regional companies in over 60 countries, has a global manufacturing, development, and distribution network that covers almost all countries in the world. The company’s future growth is driven by its innovative capabilities. With approximately 90,000 employees worldwide, including about 48,000 software developers, Bosch is focused on research and development at 136 locations.

The partnership between Bosch Rexroth and SMC Deutschland GmbH expands the offerings of the ctrlX AUTOMATION automation kit, providing users with new possibilities. The seamless integration of pneumatic and electric components through the ctrlX OS operating system allows for easy incorporation of sensors and actuators into the ctrlX AUTOMATION environment. The ctrlX World partner ecosystem offers comprehensive solutions for industrial automation, addressing various challenges across industries. The presentation of partner solutions at the Hannover Messe showcases the diversity and innovation of the ctrlX World platform. Overall, this extended solution offering brings numerous benefits to companies in different sectors.

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