Smart clothing: Potential use also outside of espionage and security


IARPA has launched a program aimed at developing garments with integrated electronics for U.S. intelligence agencies. These garments should have the ability to record audio, video and location data while providing a normal wearing experience for the wearers.

“Smart textiles: IARPA invests in innovative research

IARPA’s goal is to develop garments with integrated electronics for use by U.S. intelligence and security agencies. These garments should not only be practical and comfortable, but also capable of recording various data, such as audio, video and location.

“Smart textiles: new opportunities for first responders

Smart clothing can help improve the safety and effectiveness of personnel and first responders in hazardous environments by providing them with additional information that might otherwise be overlooked.

Prestigious institutions receive millions for IoT research

IARPA has engaged five prestigious institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) and defense contractors Nautilus Defense and Leidos, for the Smart ePants project. These two companies have a combined budget of $21 million to successfully implement the project over the next 42 months.

Smart textiles: innovation from the intelligence services

IARPA funds projects that either fail or, if successful, may have great benefit to U.S. intelligence agencies, not discounting the potential for the use of smart textiles in other areas outside of espionage and national security.

This smart clothing enables the recording of important data such as audio, video and location and can be particularly useful in hazardous environments.

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