CAPA322 from AXIOMTEK: for data transmission in IoT applications


AXIOMTEK’s newly developed 3.5-inch CAPA322 embedded board is advertised with the slogan “Faster, better and (er)weiter(bar)”. However, this is not just an advertising slogan. There is actually some truth to this statement. Although this small board has a very compact design, it offers the user a lot of advantages and high performance. In addition, expansion options are available.

Special features of the CAPA322 from AXIOMTEK

It is an Intel Atom-based board that is equipped with two M.2 slots. Moreover, there is a 2.5 GbE LAN port as well as 5G connectivity. Therefore, this powerful single-board computer can be used in both internal network and mobile network. During manufacturing, a great emphasis was placed on fast data exchange.

A 260-pin DDR4-3200 SO-Dimm is used to accommodate the working memory. This can have a capacity of up to 32 GB. Furthermore, there is a SATA-600 slot as well as an mSATA slot for connecting hard disks or other storage media. Of course, AXIOMTEK’s CAPA322 board is also equipped with several USB ports.

Of these, two ports meet the 3.2 standard and four meet the conservative USB 2.0 technology. This modern embedded board is also equipped with RS-232 serial ports and two RS-232/422/485. Therefore, it can be expanded as desired. The board can be operated with Windows as well as with Linux.

 Optional TPM 2.0 support is available for AXIOMTEK's CAPA322 for data and operational security. ( Photo: AXIOMTEK Germany GmbH )

Optional TPM 2.0 support is available for AXIOMTEK’s CAPA322 for data and operational security. ( Photo: AXIOMTEK Germany GmbH )


Possible applications of CAPA322 from AXIOMTEK

Due to its compact design, this board can be used in many different ways. The power supply is either 12 V or 24 V DC. Therefore there are no high requirements in this respect. The CAPA322 from AXIOMTEK can be used both indoors and outdoors. It operates in a temperature range of -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius.

It is used wherever high performance as well as fast data exchange is required. Thanks to 5G technology, data transmission can be very fast mobile. However, it is of course also compatible with older transmission technologies such as 4G or LTE. This means it can be used with devices of different ages without any problems. One of the most important areas of application is IoT technology.

This technology refers to the exchange of data between devices and machines. The IoT or Internet of Things is becoming increasingly important. In the private sector, this technology is part of the so-called smarthome. If windows are opened, for example, the radiator thermostats switch off the radiators in the room.

In industry, this technology is much more advanced. If machine tools can communicate with each other and then all together with the warehouse, the available capacities can be used much more efficiently. In addition, labor is saved.

The IoT generally leads to better profitability. However, since this technology is still in its infancy, such embedded boards as AXIOMTEK’s CAPA322 are eagerly awaited. Such electronic components are so important because the amount of data that is constantly being exchanged is continuously increasing.

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