Carota: IEC 60335 certification for IoT OTA solutions


TÜV Rheinland has granted the OTA solutions provider IEC 60335 certification. Carota now invited to a big celebration ceremony and celebrated the certificate of conformity.

The IEC 60335 certificate of conformity from TÜV Rheinland

More and more electronic devices are connected to the Internet. The certificate of conformity awarded to Carota, with its Annex U, was awarded precisely because of this widespread use of modern household appliances and their connection to the World Wide Web. The certification means that the appliances are safe for consumers. This applies to their entire service life and to all installed electronic circuits. This safety is said to be especially true for devices that are to be connected to public networks via IoT devices.

The company has demonstrated that it also complies with the new safety requirements contained in Annex U of the certificate. This includes protection against unauthorized access to the data of the respective devices. Public networks are supposed to mean secure long-distance communication, and it is precisely this requirement that was demonstrated as part of the certification. Companies that export their devices to Europe must be able to show the certificate mentioned.

Security thanks to certification

TÜV Rheinland offers certifications that are precisely tailored to the respective products and manufacturers. Test and evaluation plans are individually designed and adapt to the necessary requirements for vacuum cleaners, air conditioners or even washing machines. All these devices are on the market as smart home appliances and connect to internal and external networks. Companies have to meet the design requirements mentioned in Annex U in order to obtain the certificate.

They can use these requirements as a basis for the entire product development and research process and find suitable software solutions based on them. If the requirements are met as required, the costs and time required for testing and awarding the certificate are low. However, the background to the certification is not only consumer safety, but also the desired sustainable growth of IoT smart technology.

The company has now demonstrated during the audit that it is capable of meeting the strict requirements. The company’s technological strength is demonstrated by the fact that it was able to meet the set conditions without any problems or rework.

As part of the review, a test environment was set up, IoT platforms and IoT devices were tested. Vulnerabilities had to be entered in a directory, and finally there was a summary of the project. As a result, there was a corresponding report along with an evaluation plan. The company passed the certification with 13 points.

About Carota

The provider of OTA upgrades and remote diagnostics, as well as other products for many other fields, is looking for secure, stable and reliable solutions that will enable fleet owners, smart device manufacturers and OEMs to compete in the market. The Chinese company is currently looking at over 320 million smart devices that have already been installed with corresponding solutions. Customers are located in the U.S., Europe, Korea and Southeast Asia, as well as numerous other regions around the world.

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